Thesis: First dates lead to lifelong romance, friendship and some just crash and burn. First dates are said to be the best and most important quality in a relationship. Friends often date and end up into romantic relationships. The ending processes of most first dates are usually a kiss on the lips or as some boys like to keep things in the box on the first date, they simply plant a kiss on the forehead. First dates are usually a way for both the guy and girl to see if they are compatible with each other. Movies, bowling, dinner and even studying are typical first dates.

Friends that date usually end up liking each other more or they just end up messing the whole relationship up. Attending a dinner and movie with someone for the first time can be a little nerve wrecking for some people, that they either forget what to say and they might even stutter. Many first dates end on good notes, but not all! Some females/males talk themselves out of a second date. Being on a first date does not necessarily mean that that on the first night they want to know every and anything about your life, just know that your rushing into things.

Life long romance is the best outcome of a first date. Automatically the dater and date knows where the road is heading before the night is over. Some might act surprise when they are ask for a second date especially when they know that it was coming all along. Saying the right things and doing exactly everything to make the date one to remember are pluses on a first date. Being you is one of the most important keys on a first date. On first dates people pretend to be something that they aren’t and they lose out on the perfect opportunity to be happy.

Depending on the date the male figure is determining of the female is the certain thing that he needs in his life. Lifelong romance is what every female is looking for after the first date. The female and male both want to test the waters and try their best to make their date the most successful. On the first date they both strive for great ending results. Friendship is how majority of relationships start. The friends are attracted to each other and they want to see if that friend is right for them. Friends are often blind to see when a next friend likes them because they do not ook at each other that way. A notice on first dates both partners are aware when the relationship will be whatever it turns out to be. Friendship is also a great way for a date to end. Some first dates never live to become friends or even have the special candle spark. If becoming friends is such a bad way for dates to end then you need to find yourself out on more dates. Friendships is the second best factor after first dates, you can still find yourself in a relationship with that person later on.

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If you end up best of friends with that person you still have an opportunity to make that person feel that you are worthy of being in a relationship with that person. Another case of friendship is when the guy only considers you as “just friends” that’s a feeling that no one wants to feel after giving their all on a first date. First dates are whatever you make it, you determine where you what that relationship to go. Crash and burn is an easy way to end on bad terms after a first date.

If you see that you and the person are not hitting it off especially at the start of the date you need to call it off and save yourself the trouble. Embarrasing yourself and your date is just a way for you to quickly slip out the relationship. Talking too much and letting your date know too much about you is not a plus. If you’re attending a date never talk about your ex or other failing relationships in the past. Your date doesnot want to hear wherever or not tom was a jealous ex boyfriend that stalks you because you ran over his cat.

The best thing to do is avoid asking too much questions, especially questions that will make your date catch a headache. Attempting to give your date your entire background history isn’t good just let your date reach safely home without a weight on his shoulder. Enjoying your date is a major factor that people forget; a just have simple conversations like what is your favorite basketball team? What is your favorite color? Where were you born? Simple questions not heat breaking questions that will turn your date away and to say that he/she does not want a part.

First dates should be the best and most enjoyable times for a couple, friends, or just two people that want to kindle a flame. Lasting impressions can take the date to a next level. There are certain things that you can say and can’t say on a date. Keep the simp0le conversations up, just donot keep your date guessing too much? They tend to give up after a while. Please do not blame yourself if the date goes bad, it’s usually it’s both of ya’ll fault. Do not jeopardize your relationship by acting/pretending to be someone that you’re not. Keep these tips and see how successful your date turns out to be.


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