Finishing Well

The book of “Finishing Well” of Bob Buford is very amazing and interesting. It motivates the reader to do his goal in life and not only envision the dreams he wants to be and to have. He also get some people to share their experience Just to be a good example on the chapters he do so the readers can easily understand what he was appointing to. Just for the readers to understand he also highlighted the problems and the solutions that they made for them to be successful on their field. Like on the first chapter the “Let’s do lunch”, he get Tom Luce, a counsellor as a example on this chapter.

Even though he is a counsellor, he was still bothered on the questions of “What now? and “What’s next? because he also have a public law firm even though he don’t study law or even taking a practical law he Just only want to put the law firm because only want to help his fellow people on their problem rather than that he Just to put up a business. In this book you will know your priorities that would be suitable for your company or business that you would like to put up. You can balance your personal life and your work In your everyday life.

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Our life Is full of problems, we always facing problem Iike after you open your eyes In the morning you will think first what would you for today? , what would you priority first? And then you will rank it so you can easily do things and manage your time at the same time. You can venture many things in your life but it was up to you how you will handle things. My learning’s on this book Is don’t easily give on things that you want to accomplish and to accomplish your goal don’t make many daydreams and don’t act or do it real life learn to risk sometimes so you will understand and know things might happen and the people surround.

Keep yourself motivated in every aspect of your life even though that there are lot’s of problems that comes to you, learn to hold on to your dreams and always pray to our Lord God to help you out in your decision that you will made before doing it and guidance so you will not go to the wrong side or doings that can affect to your life. You can also get some help and opinions of your parents or relatives that you think an help on your decision or you can go to a psychology to listen at your problem. I relate this book to my subject in terms of listening first what’s the problem? fore make some decision or do some actions that might because you will never know what 1 person who reported to you the problem. Relating this to my course as a student of an Entrepreneur I must know things or I must be informed on the things that surrounds me before taking my actions because I’m a type of person I wouldn’t do such idiot things I realized this when my study is getting harder and harder actually I hink this as a challenge for me because if I give up on this problem that I think it’s just a small I cannot lived on a real world or outside my school.

So, I realized many things before doing or react easily I must get some information so I will know what was the reason. As a Future Entrepreneur, before putting up a business you must know what is the trending or in demand needs or wants that people want to have. After knowing it get some information that will help you to guide your business and rank it so what you will know what is your priorities.