Fellow Students,  How many times have you thrown away perfectly
edible food?How many times have you wasted money on
things that you don’t necessarily need? Have you ever thought about people in
poverty while doing any of these things? Poverty and Malnutrition are global issues
that are affecting many people negatively. More than 3 billion people live on
$2.50 a day. More than 1.3 billion people live on $1.25 a day. Around 1 billion
children live in poverty, and 134 million have never been to school. 6 million
children die every year because of hunger and poverty. Sadly, there are kids that are born into
families that are already in poverty, they live their whole childhood in misery
and hunger. 3 billion people that are not much different than you and me wake
up every day not knowing if there will be food on the table. Not knowing if
they will live. Do you think that’s fair? It’s not their fault, these kids are
the same age as us, they have the same interests, the only difference is that
they were born in different countries and families. It’s not their fault.  I once read about a girl that was normal like
you and me, and to be honest she was pretty rich. Some of us would call her
spoilt, she had everything she wanted. However, she wasn’t very generous, she
didn’t give to the poor. One day, disaster struck, her home was destroyed by a
hurricane and she had to leave her country as quickly as possible. She was
forced to leave everything behind. Her money, toys, food and everything else.
Now she lives on $2.50 a day…        How much is a Starbucks coffee? 21 dirhams? 21
dirhams for us mean almost nothing, we buy something to drink with 21 dirhams. If
you were to donate this money to people in poverty and malnutrition, you could
save many lives. 21 dirhams can buy them enough food and clean water to last
for a while. Feeling sorry for these poor, innocent people isn’t enough, we
have to take action!   If you really care about these poor,
helpless, innocent people, I urge you to donate as much as you can and help in
any way, I promise you the tiniest action will save many lives and make a

Thank you


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