Felicity SanchezMooneyhan11/11/17Blue 1Final Project          Music has been around for a very long time and has changed dramatically. It went from barely any instruments to most music having lots of instruments and computerized sounds. Although music has changed over the years it still has the same meaning to people. People use music as a outlet and something to escape reality. The thing that has stayed the same is what music does for people. People interpret music in different ways which can be good and bad at the same time. Music can really help a person and express what they’re going through and can act like a stress relief but others might view it differently and find it insulting and be against it. But one thing that music can do is bring people that are interested in the same music together.          One genre that really started and influenced the music world is the blues. One blues artist is Big Bill Broonzy, he is known for bringing the blues to Chicago in the 1920’s with his guitar and performing for black audiences. He’s one of the most important blues artists pre WWII. He’s also most famous for his protest song “Black, Brown, and White” which talked about black war vets experiences and how people of color got treated. His music that he was writing had great meaning to him and the people that were listening to him. He was a big influencer for the blues at this time. He is known for influencing people such as Eric Clapton and Pete Townshend. He was a father figure to other artists that are making blues music. Big Bill Broonzy is one of the greatest blues artists in american. There’s many biographies about him  where you can learn everything from where he started to his life and journey. A new biography called ” I Feel So Good; The Life and Times of Big Bill Broonzy”, that describes his musical journey in the south side in Chicago. He passed away in 1958, around the time when rock and roll was becoming more and more popular. But his sound was still influencing the sound that new artists were putting out. He influenced many artists and their songs were progressing from the blues into something different.          The next era is early rock and roll, one of the most well known artists of this time is Elvis Presley. He is known as “The king of rock and roll” because he really made this era huge and travel everywhere sharing this kind of music to many different types of people. Elvis was influenced by pop and country music  at the time. He was also influenced by the gospel music he heard in his church. He combined the different sounds from what he loved and put his own sound in his music. Elvis was very successful and even starred in 33 films and even won a lifetime achievement award and sold over one billion records. The Rolling Stones also stated “It was Elvis who made rock and roll the international language of pop”, his dance moves and clothes changed influenced many artists and changed how artists before him were performing. One of his most famous song is hound dog.          Then we have the era of heavy metal and hard rock, a very well known band at the time is Iron Maiden. Their top hits were  “Two minutes to midnight” and “The Trooper”. They were also known for being one of the most influential bands at the time for the way they created music with their guitars , their songwriting, and the powerhouse vocals of Bruce Dickinson. Iron Maiden was formed 1975, they influenced other bands like Metallica, Dream Theater, Slipknot and In Flames. At the time they lacked the radio play that other genres of music got so the were not heard from everywhere like others were but still continued and were popular. This group has had some things happen with certain members and caused them to have to replace artists. They were very unique and experimented with many different styles and different stories in their songs. They were a big part and they influence how heavy metal sounds to this day.          The next would have to be the era and style of glam rock. One of the most well known glam rock artists is David Bowie. David is known for being such a unique artist and someone who doesn’t care about what people thought and did his own thing and if people didn’t like it he didn’t care. David was influenced by many artists one of them being The Beatles.His first hit song was “Space Oddity” which was released in 1969. He was well known for his sci fi character Ziggy Stardust. He made a whole rock opera album based on this character. His music videos and concerts were known for being some of the most exciting things because they were so interesting and nothing like what people were doing at the time. His fashion and his hair, makeup, and style were a big part of why some people liked him so much and also a big reason why people didn’t like him so much. But, he also was an actor so he was very successful in the spotlight. In 1996 he was put into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In January 2016 he passed away of cancer.          The next genre is Funk music, a great funk musical african american artist is Rick James. Rick was a popular performer in the 70’s and most known for his hit songs “Super Freak”, “Mary Jane”, and “You and I”. He started in a band but pursued a solo career in 1977. He is also very well known for being the “King of Punk-Funk” and his dance moves are unforgettable and his style and braids were a favorite. But, he got himself into trouble and went to prison which took a toll on his career. He sadly passed away in 1977 but he was influenced by many people such as Marvin Gaye.          The next genre goes with the style of funk but is disco. A huge disco artist is Diana Ross. She is a very well known artist and is still talked about to this day. As a teenager she loved music and her and her friends started a tro group called “The Supremes” in the 1960’s. But then decided to take on a solo career in 1969 and reached No.1 hits with songs like “Ain’t no mountain high enough” and “love hangover”. She like other artists was an actress and was Oscar nominated for latter. Like others she did get in trouble with the law a couple times but later cleaned up her act. Diana Ross has influenced many people from her era and ours today like Beyonce.         Then we come to the next being punk which is so different to something like disco. A very well known band is Blink 182, this genre of music is becoming more and more laid back and very chill and more about having fun and just them having fun with it instead of stressing about making there  music and performance perfect. A Lot of teenagers enjoyed to their music at the time and related to it but the adults didnt understand it because it talked about things like drugs and suicide and lonliness. Which was something the parents thought were bad influences. “Dude Ranch” was a major release for their indie style. They also released a live album something artists were not doing at the time. But in 2012 Blink 182 sadly parted ways.          A genre most people did not know about was the New Wave. This genre was for musicians music that just wasn’t fitting any of the genres that were already a thing and wasnt something big enough to make a whole new genre. A popular band was Blondie, the lead singer is Debbie Harry. She was a singer and a actress most known for their No.1 hits “Heart of Glass” and “Call Me”. Their music had many different different types of genres such as punk and funk.           The Final one is Hip Hop and rap and Grandmaster Flash. He is very well known for being one of the first ones to start Djing and scratching records. His music really reformed how the music at the time was. There was nothing like this in the music industry like this. His music made music not just about singing but the actual music to the hears with how people listen to it. He has influenced so many people to this day. Music in our time is changing everyday but these musical influencers are still what people are listening to and artists are still influenced by these artists.


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