Favourite Place

What wonderful feeling of Joy and relax while walking along the Island, I am still memorised by you every time. A place like a paradise, places without phone signal and data coverage, a place where I can get myself isolated from the world and totally relax without worries. Enjoyable, excited, funny and crazy in this wonderful summer. During the semester break in Jun. In a summer session and travel period, my friends and I are planning to have an adventure trip so we decided to deal with an Island; Perhentian island.

It located at the South China Sea at east coast of Peninsular Malaysia in Terengganu. In this trip, I feel very lucky because I have change to visit the most beautiful Island In Malaysia. During my young life I enjoy and experience the adventure things. The Important Is I have a team of friends who can accompany me to play and bring a lot of sweet memory In my life. Location Perhentlan Islands are combining by 2 Islands, namely Pulau Perhentlan Kecil (Small Perhentian Island) and Pulau Perhentian Besar (Large Perhentian Island). It also is the northernmost island.

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Perhentian” is a malay word and translated as “a place to stop”. These islands are nice places to stop, rest, and back to nature because it is the most beautiful islands with the finest diving islands on the east coast. Perhentian Island located in Terengganu, and East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia is almost entirely surrounded by beautiful white sandy beach. However, this jewel of Malaysia is more than just beautiful beaches. The Perhentian Island in Terengganu, East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia consists of lush tropical greenery and forests that is perfect for outdoors adventure.

View and Aquatic Small Perhentian Island and Big Perhentian Island are surrounded by beautiful oconut trees sandy beaches and crystal-clear blue sea and attract all nature lovers and those who enjoy scuba diving, snorkelling, deep sea fishing, swimming, wind surfing, sailing, boating, canoeing or Just for lazing on one of the white sandy beaches to enjoy the sunlight or waiting for the coconuts to drop, that really is a fantastic life style. The healthy coral grow and tropical fish life in their own peaceful world and those and caring by Department of Fisheries.

Besides that, I can find many types of corals and living things in the water that I had never seen before, for example hard orals, soft corals, whip coral, sponges growing on boulders and opportunity to see turtles, sharks, It is more than 99% chances to see these amazing Black-Tip Sharks and Hawksbill Turtles. Important Is I can see and touch the real and actual living things In the sea like sea cucumber, Jelly fish, squid ,troplcal fish, star fish and so on, so It was let me learn a lot that I never experience before.

Moreover, we also can watch monitor lizards, monkeys, geckos, flying squirrels, butterflies and many other types are In front of your chalet. There are no roads and not many paths, so the Islands are mainly peaceful and untouched so far. Besides that, the entire chalet was bullt Iike a kampong house very special and unique, so all the people over there will feel comfortable, relax and simply when you hear the sounds of waves crashing and the cool breeze. The Things And Activity That You Must Do minutes to Pulau Besar.

When I first reached there, there was nothing much it was somehow very appealing. The sand in the crystal clear water is Just so soft and nice. The tour guide led us to check in the room and give us the equipment for snorkelling nd introduce two beach boys, called Tony and Anuar. They will accompany and bring us to the attractive points; we also will use their speed boat to do all the activity for these three days. Both of them will be our tour guide, taxi driver and coach. Before go out to the sea, we play and chatting at the seaside.

The activity that we look forward is coming. We feel very excited and nervous. First, the tour guide brings us to the deeper area to have a briefing about snorkelling by his boat. I really loved the feeling that I sail on the sea by speed boat. That is refreshing and cool. Then, the boat wills shake when sea waves crashing it, that is fun and exited. This is my first snorkelling experience so I need more time than other while learning snorkelling such as breathe by mouth and learn how to swim forward and backward and know how to turn your body .

It is a kind of nerve-wrecking experience for me. So what I did was Just Jump in from the boat, Hands down, the coral reefs, the coral fishes, the underwater world there, really are the best! Do basically nothing but dipping, swimming and enjoy breathing the whole thing. Only setback in the air, the exhaust umes from the tour boats. I had so much fun to go over there. Our package included boat trips and snorkelling, so we do not need to pay any cent to purchase the mask and life Jacket.

This is my first experience to snorkelling, I feel very nervous because I need to Jump into sea from the boat that was challenging even thought the tour guide was prepared the stair besides the boat but still unstable to climb down. Besides snorkelling you also can walk past the Coral View Island Resort and find the wooden walkway to the more expensive Perhentian Island Resort. This wooden alkway doubles as a Jungle walk as it runs through the mangrove and rocks. The length of this walkway is about 500 meters and very interesting.

We not only go around this island, but also nearby islands likes the very near neighbouring Lang Tengah and Pulau Redang. Pulau Redang and Lang Tengah are further than the Perhentian Islands from the mainland and that’s where I shouldn’t forget to bring camera. Before I came here, I thought I could only see beautiful scenery on TV and magazines. But then there I was, in a paradise for real! Bring the rented waterproof amera and photo shooting the place which International movie makers came here for the backdrop.

After we had snorkelling under a hot sun, the tour guide brings us to a cold spring. They said that was a mainly water supplier in that island. When you splash the cold spring water on girls, they will scream so loudly. The change from swimming in the warm sea water to bathing in the cold spring water will give you an amazing feeling, a great chill. The spring water is safe for drinking. For those who are sea-sick, the cold water will arouse you from your dizziness. I also bring some clean bottles to collect the spring water back.