Farm Girl

Jessica writes about her life starting as a young girl at the age of ten who is responsible for a lot more work than many average ten-year-old. Hermauer wrote this essay to share her experience about working on her family’s farm, and how being brought up with chores and responsibilities made her successful in managing her time and being involved in her student body. Different audiences could relate to her age, social experiences and responsibilities.

For example, someone who’s familiar with the duties of farm life might find the purpose of the essay to be about how farm life teaches you the importance of responsibilities you have to take care of farm. The daily authority and struggles that Jessica goes through as growing young women represents ethos in many ways. By working long hard hours completing many chores this switched her to a strong girl that brought her to a succeeded student and young women. My eyes are heavy with sleep and struggle to open “. Jessica explains how they didn’t want to wake up so early to go to farm, however they had to wake up to help their farther, and how their father shouted like Wake up!!! “As soon as we open the door to the basement, we can smell the putrid aroma of cows that has seeped from our clothing into the damp cool air. ”

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After when we go to breakfast “The delicious smell of smoked bacon and cheese omelets grows more intense with each step. I love bacon and omelets, and I can just imagine how good that would smell and taste after working as hard as she did on the farm. Jessica makes farm life seem like it would really suck when she talks about how she could never play sports or join clubs and that would make her audience feel sorry for her. But then, she writes about the day that her father called a meeting and said that he would no longer need her help on the farm and she could do whatever she wanted.

Turns out, that crappy farm life she had ended up helping her out a lot in the long run. She does a great job of wrapping it all up in her conclusion by talking about how being a farm girl made her different from the rest of her peers. At the end she says: “Try hiring some farm girls. I hear they turn out pretty good. ” Is like the grand finale of a great firework show. She goes out with a bang!