The enjoyable event that I experienced when I was at school is travelling to Dawei with my teachers and friends for prize giving ceremony. This ceremony was for outstanding students at Grade 11 matriculation exam and was held by the government of Thinnintharyi Region. It happened on July, 2011. As soon as my teachers received the information of regional prize giving, they replied and gathered the outstanding students including me. We discussed with our teachers for expense to go to the Dawei. We borrowed a bus for three days with the cost of 250,000 per day.

We started to travel at two days before the ceremony for rehearsal ceremony. We traveled to reach to Dawei for 12 hours including the rest from Myeik which is the started point. Not only we went across many mountains but also the roads are very rough and muddy since it was a rainy season. Therefore we are very tired but I was very happy because I could see many different views from mountains. When we reached to Dawei at evening, we stayed at No. 3 Basic Education High School, Dawei. At the next day we went to Dawei City Hall for rehearsal ceremony.

And then we visited to many famous pagodas at Dawei including Shin Koe Shin pagodas. Before we left form Dawei we bought Dawei ethnic snacks such as fish crisps. At two days after we reached Dawei we went to again Dawei City Hall for prize giving ceremony. After we received the prizes, we went out the study tour to Dawei deep seaport. This is a very enjoyable place and the sea is bluish. Then we went to Maung Ma Kan beach. This is one of the famous beaches in Myanmar. In this beach, sand bank is white and wide. We stayed at the beach for a night.

At night we held happily the camp fire festivity. We bought accessories made of snails as keepsake. At next day we returned to Myeik. I particularly remember this event because this is my first enjoyable trip with my teachers and friends. The hobby that I enjoy Every people have respectively their interests or hobbies. I like many different kinds of hobbies such as reading, gardening, listening the songs, travelling and so on. Among them my enjoyable hobby is surfing the net. I have been doing it since I passed the Grade 11. As today is the IT era, internet is very popular among people.

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Since we can search many things that we want to know at internet, internet is a box of knowledge. Internet is a very wide field. There are many world wide websites from different fields. Face book is a topical website among young people. In this website we can chat with many people, post photos and read different news. Another popular websites are Google, and YouTube. In Google website we can search our required website or information. In YouTube website; we can watch and download many different sorts of videos and upload our favorite videos. I used to surf the net when I have free time; mostly at night.

When I surf the net, I search my favorite songs and videos and download them. Moreover I sometime chat with my friends and upload some my favorite photos at Face book. I often study English lessons and check my level at English exam website. I sometime search and download not only books that are related with my subjects but also journals at Myanmar journal download website. When I have to do assignments, I search the topics at internet. The benefits I got from this hobby are getting many knowledge and information that I want to know. Therefore I enjoy this hobby. I think that you all like this hobby.


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