Family And DemographicsMuscat American-British Academy  Tochi Mba 10 AahResearch Question:To what extent did china’s one child policy affect the country?Introduction According to the BBC  in china the rate of the population was 1.9 percent in 1950. China’s one child policy was established in 1970 the government thought that the population rate was increasing by too much. And if the numbers rose to 3 percent in 24 years the country’s population will double. The one child policy meant that for every couple they could only have one child but they also gave benefits due to the change changes such as free healthcare to compliant families. They also added free education for the compliant people. These were not available for people who had more than 1 child. And had to pay fines. The rate of population growth as of 1979 is 0.7 percent.IssuesThere are a surplus of issues that come with this one child policy of china issues such as the old generation not being replaced by the new and the fact that a child might have to take care of as many as 4 grandparents and two parents.Local PerspectiveIn China people have been subjected to the one child policy which has created problems like china’s ageing population actually increasing at a faster rate than the youth and this means when older people retire there are less people to take over the jobs and a lot of china’s economy comes from cheap labour which when the old generation retires there aren’t enough people / youth to take over from their position thi would cause a slow economy for china. In china some people see it as a means for new job opportunities to be created but some others believe that due to the shortage of people and people dying off that there would be better healthcare and living standards will get better because of less mouths to feed .meaning longer life and les poverty(East Asia forum, 2015). they see it as a social development whl some even label it the most important social development is the 20th century. And according to (BBC, 2013) the average life expectancy in 1949 was 40 years while in 2009 it had spiked up to 75 years. This proves that the method does in fact have upsides. Some people in china do not feel like they are ready for the change in china’s demographics because china is going through major changes with the change in workforce and such.Global PerspectiveThe UN states that china is aging faster than any country in history (UN,2015) . china has a dependency ratio that is seen to only go up as high as 44% by 2050 (Forbes,2017) this means that only 44% of china’s population will be people that are still in the workforce. People at Wall Street anticipate that the government slow down on their spending in order not to cause any sort of economic downfall. Investors such as Foxconn have considered leaving the country. China was seen as a good investment with cheap labour that came with it.But due to the younger population occupying the entire workforce they demand more and stage protests and these protest seem to take effect as in 2016 the hourly wages in mexico were 40% lower than China’s(Bank of america Merrill Lynch, 2016)Issue #2Due to cultural preferences female children were sent to orphanages and it created a gender gap. This laso forced abortions because in the chinese culture people would rather have a male than a female in order to carry out family name.Local perspectiveDue to china’s one child policy couples around the world would let go of their female children and go for male children instead. This is due to cultural beliefs and traditions that the male child will carry on their name for them but this resulted in a lot of problems like increased child abortion rates and the gender gap in china that still exists today. Due to the fines that were given to have children chinese individuals saw it fit and culturally appropriate to make the one child they have a boy. According to (Radio Free asia, 2016) 66 million girls that should’ve been born weren’t born due to these circumstances. And according to china’s family planning commision there will be an estimated 30 million more men than women in 2020. A chinese family had a daughter and at the time the one child policy was in effect and due to the fact that they couldn’t have more than one child because of their financial status and them having to pay heavy fines. The family gave her up for adoption and she was  adopted by an american family and years later she met her family on the bridge. This is one of many instances where people have been separated from their loved ones in china due to the impending policy of couples only being able to have one child. Global PerspectivePeople around the world view this as a taboo mainly because of the western culture which promotes equality among all genders. People are also annoyed as they believe that it is a human basic right to learn from what happened from the past. People all around the world need to help out china in anyway they can.Local course of actionPeople in China need to educate themselves and fix the culture of inequality between men and women in their society because if they do that i believe they will progress very quickly and also there isn’t much they can do about what has happened except to earn from the past.Personal ResponseI believe that the one child policy did prove effective in what they aimed for it to do but it created a lot more problems that affected their economy and affected individual people. People in china would have to force themselves and live with letting their child go. I believe that family planning should be an= right and not something that is decided by the government. I think china would have handled the problem of overpopulation better without causing problems like gender gap, people aborting their children at astounding rates, the aging population and the economic downfall and loss of cheap labour. And china needs to understand that men are equal to women and inequality in this day and age is redundant. They have mothers and wives these people create life and should be respected as the individuals they are. BibliographyB. (2015, November 16). GCSE Bitesize: Case study: China. Retrieved January 31, 2018,                     from V. (2017, July 27). 12 Pros and Cons of China’s One Child Policy. Retrieved January 31, 2018, f       rom, K. (2017, February 22). China’s Aging Population Becoming More Of A Problem.                        Retrieved January 31, 2018, from, M. (2017, February 08). 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