False of Beauty

Lost in Fantasy Magazines, movies, and commercials are trying to create an Image of what beauty Is. Beauty, being defined, means the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit. But beauty standards are getting each time higher that even some celebrities can compete. The media portray the standards of beauty as unrealistic. Making us believe that the image of Barble If he one and when in the real word, becoming an exact Barble Is unreasonable.

As kids, we were exposed to that by watching Disney ovies. Teaching us that attractive men got beautiful women. Beauty was shown by all the princesses having small, thin noses, and having light skin. All having a slim body and perfect hair. According to todays society having a symmetrical face along with perfect hair, eyes, nose and teeth is beauty. As well as having the right curves on the right place, long thin legs Joined together by a slim body. For a guy; tall, muscular with a perfect face. If everyone lives by the same standards of beauty, everyone would be ordinary.

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According to Wolf, a publisher, explained on her book The Beauty Myth how eating disorders rose and cosmetic surgery did so as well. Models were told to loose ten to fifteen pounds to achieve their goals. People seem to want to be the “-est” on everything so they undergo plastic surgery. Beauty standard becomes dangerous when one becomes obsessive, Jocelyn Wieldenstein is a great example. Spending around four million dollars on Just plastic surgery. Perhaps beauty is viewed as having fine physical features but In the eyes of others It’s different.

According to Saad, with a Ph. D. In Homo Consumerlcus, “There are an endless umber of cultural definitions of beauty. However, these are largely inconsequential, when compared to evolutionarily relevant metrics” In Ethiopia, wearing a large lip plate is considered attractive and calls the man’s attention on how much the lip is stretched. As the Padaung, they consider an elongation neck beautiful. They do this by placing large rings along their neck. Although a “chiropractor or orthopedic surgeon will tell you that this would lead to paralysis or death. (Waddington)

They seem not to mind since Its considered beauty, wealth and a chance to attract a husband. Physical appearance is what a person notices once you see a person and if what you focus on. It’s seen differently in different regions, but and celebrities are going based on that. The media is distorting the image of beauty and making us forget the inner as well. Inner beauty is not something that could be seen, so it tends to be Ignored. Society falls to recognize the Inner beauty which Is the most Important feature In our human being.

Inner beauty Is a choice to see once you get pass the physical. It’s to see the real person personality. Seeing if he/she is kind, loving, caring, and respectful. Having a beautiful soul which can’t be touch and it wont leave is much better than a pretty face which eventually it will fade away as you grow older. mfou need to fill the soul otherwise it starves” (Green) Media doesnt focus In Inner beauty. As of today, having a carefree attitude towards any situation. Jersey Shore shows how drinking, partying, and fights are all 0k.

Making viewers see that if you are a loose person and open to anything its greatness. Portraying an image like that is making the future generation even worse than it is right now. When inner beauty is shown on soap operas, they show a woman r a man with great character, confident, and extremely nice. All of that is shown, but in a beautiful person as well. Why can’t the media get away outer beauty and focus simply on inner? Are they afraid of beholding the truth that beauty can be simply inners rather than outer? Perhaps. In my perspective as a teenager, in college.

Being around teenager still trying to find themselves, you discover various things. You start worrying on appearance and focusing in Just that. Trying to look your best for school. But as a college student I noticed that it was different. As you grow older your erspective of beauty starts changing. You start focusing on other than perfect teeth. As a teen you look for a person who is hot and will look “cool” with. As an adult, that starts fading a bit and you notice on the way the person is. Is she caring for kids? Is he a good remodel for kids?