Falling in Love Everyone has been falling in love at one point of his life. Not only grownups, but also teenagers have felt this feeling. Falling in love is very difficult it’s hard to characterize because everyone occasionally has different types of feelings. For example, humans can love other people, creatures, or material objects, but it is all the same thing: love. Giving into their emotions and psychological temptations causes them to fall in love. That is why everyone may ave diverse symptoms of falling in love.

There are some different symptoms when someone falls in love. Sometimes they feel anxious, happy, sad, nervous. When falls in love, someone fees ashamed when looking at one they love. They can’t do or say anything as if the time has stopped. Everything around them moves in slow motion. They can’t take their eyes of their love. In another time, those who are in love will find their heart keeps pounding when they are close to their love, and can’t stop hinking about their love when they are apart.

In conclusion, every person has different sings in how to get in love. Sometimes people don’t perform that they are in love, even though most of them recognizes the signs of love. The people how perform that they are in love, they usually marry their groom, while other persons what to have a special moment. So, each person has different standards of symptoms and distinctive ways to react when we are falling in love.