Failure to resolve the issueo Measuring the un-resolved issues is critical for improving the IT support serviceso Knowing the problem and analysing it to tackle the problem in futureo Common un-resolved issues can be monitored and can improve the service (providingsolutions in FAQ’s)o Provide training and skills to IT technical team2. Lack of IT and technical skillso IT support services would not provide a better support due to lack of technical skillso IT Support System would not be efficient enough to meet client requirementso Some areas can be targeted to improve the skills of the team such as domain nameservice (DNS), Wi-Fi connectivity etc.o Keeping up-to-date with new technologies to improve services and to make IT supportservice efficiento Having effective team communication to avoid barriers and to provide the best servicespossible3. Poor team dynamicso Poor team management can degrade the efficiency of the IT support systemo Proper team management can improve IT serviceso Team interaction plays a vital role in resolving team issues and can enhance supporto Conflict issues can be monitored and must be resolved through rules and regulationsthat are acceptable to the team, which will improve the services.4. Insufficient information (from clients)o Holding an accurate detailed information plan is vital to develop the best IT supportsystem and avoid putting delays in the serviceo Providing IT support services team with effective, clear, attainable and completerequirements agreed by clients to develop and improve the serviceso The data can be used to provide a well-defined user guide to the clients to resolve theirissues in a more effective way5.

Flaws in the designo A proper IT system will have minimal errors and flaws in the designo Flaws in design can have negative impacts on the IT system (e.g. time delays, poormanagement)o It is of high importance to validate the requirements and design specificationso To improve the IT support system, it is important to have enough time for testing anddebuggingo Use different approaches for design and reviewing ito Standards must be followed to make an effective system