FACT:the amount you drink matters more than the

FACT:the amount you drink matters more than the type of drinking you consume or how you mix them.Drinking too much alcohol too quickly can make you sick,whether it’s beer,wine,liquor.No matter what your drinking pacing is key.When you drink too much alcohol it could slow down your body, it could affect your brain, and it could give you cancer.  Alcohol can damage every organ in your body and affects your ability to work right. This is how alcohol affects your body. The amount you drink matters more than the type of drinking you consume or how you mix them.It happens when you drink too much alcohol. When it is absorbed into your bloodstream it can increase your risk for a variety of life-threatening diseases, cancers causing cells and also liver problems. When you do drink to much alcohol it can be life threatening to you and possibly others as well. When you drink and drive you could get you over pulled over by the cops. Cops could then ask you to walk in a straight line and you can’t that means your drunk and you’ll go to jail. You can do weird and unexpected things without any warning at all and can happen any time anywhere (when your drunk).Alcohol can give you heart damage. High blood pressure, and irregular heartbeat, or dropping heart muscle are all signs of heart damage. This can also happens when you do drink to much alcohol. When the alcohol is absorbed into your bloodstream, it is also being taken to your brain by being pumped by the heart. A common ingredient called OTC pain and fever reducers…can damage your liver. When you mix alcohol with any other type of drug it can cause nausea, vomiting, fainting, heart attack, difficulty breathing, lead to coma, or even death.Alcohol affects your brain.  When it affects your brain it also affects how your ability to do the smallest of tasks. You may not be able to control your body, remember what you did, or even pass out. Alcohol can cause you to have a stroke, aneurysm, or even worse. This could also lower your immune system making it easier for you to get sick. So when you think about something you have done thats bad or something like that it could lead to stress or anxiety. This could lead to using alcohol as a way to forget what you have done. Less drinking more thinking.So this is why you should not drink alcohol EVER!!!!So if you ever think about drinking alcohol DON’T because if you ever like it and drink to much in one day or a week this is what’s going to happen. There’s good people who love you and care about you and if you are addicted to alcohol or have issues  and your addicted to it and that’s the only thing  to get your mind off of it get help right now because there’s more people out there that love you and they care about you more than you know so get help right now if you going through this or at the least talk to someone that you trust and tell them how you feel.