As a matter of introduction, there are many issues which arise in the area of management and maintenance of a service industry in a way that it satisfies the required customers. Brian (2005) noted that, service industries are quite challenging since in most cases a company deals directly with utilizers of the services as opposed to companies dealing with goods which may take a long chain from the producer to the consumer. This therefore puts service industries in greater requirement to polish up the services provided to the customers.

It is from this point that there is always need for new strategies in any given service industry so as to always satisfy the customers. Due to the uprising completion from various competitors in the areas of service delivery, there is therefore the need to examine the system for the organization to know whether they are working as per the expectations and whether their customers are satisfied. This essay is going to look unto the various issues which any service industry should put into consideration when selecting a new strategy for the organization.

To start with, the organization should perform a thorough survey of the current strategies which are in operation and come up with all the areas which require improvement or amendment. This survey should cut across all major sections of the organization and should be specific in assessing the areas which require review. After the survey, the organization shall be in a position to see and highlight the areas which need deeper review than the others. It will therefore be an easy task for the organization to implement any new strategy.

The organization therefore needs to come up with the various procedures which have been designed for change of any of their sections. The evaluation process should endeavor to check on employees of that organization, the customers the organization deal with as well as the suppliers who provide the organization with any type of good or service. Consequently, the organization has to be able to assess its employees in relation to the value of work the organization is getting from the employees.

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To examine how much input the employees are placing to the company, the organization need to check on all the available departments separately. In each and every department there need to be complete details on the performance of each and every employee. This in itself shall help the management to understand the various areas of improvement which each and every employee requires. Employee evaluation will also help the management to gain any relevant information concerning poor performance of the employees and therefore design the way forward.

When employees lack the required skills and knowledge, this put the organization in a threat from the competitors and this can bring about great loss to the company. The employees can seem to be working at a certain level without coming up with the necessary ways of changing some business tips so as to outdo the competitors. There should always be observable innovations in the organization all through out the available departments. This can only be achieved through recruitment of the right personnel in the system who has the required knowledge and even skills in the specified area.

It is in this context that the organization should place the requirements of any employee in regard to knowledge and skills as per the various departments. This will enhance the quality of service the organization delivers to its customers. However, since the organization needs the employees so as to deliver services to its customers, it should put enough emphasis on the satisfaction of these employees. If the company is to come up a new strategy it need to put the requirements of the employees into consideration.

Evaluation forms should be filled by the employees on either they are getting satisfied in their current position and if they are not there should be room for them to express their suggestions on the way out. This will help the management to come up with strategies of improving service delivery through employee satisfaction. The management will also be able to work in line with all employees so as to help the employees achieve the required level of development. The employees should be trained on various areas concerning efficient service delivery which start from work place.

The employees need to have right skills on how to deal with customers who have different personality making sure that the main aim is to retain the customer in business. Employee satisfaction helps the company to heighten its sales for the working atmosphere becomes conducive for the employees to engage in creativity as well as coming up with innovative ideas for further development. This will help the company to gauge whether it is growing or not. The organization should note whether it has enough employees or not and how many employees are needed in relation to the cost or the workload available.

This way the organization will be able to put up strategies on the management of the personnel required in the business. The organization will also be able to put the employees in the respective areas where they fit most therefore taking care of any constraint that may arise. On the other hand, the organization should consider the customers whom they should always endeavor to satisfy. The organization has a mandate to maintain the customers if they want to remain in business.

This therefore calls for great need for sufficient and quality service provision to the customers noting that there are other companies in the market offering the same services. The organization has to do a research on whether the company does satisfy its customers and if it does not, then what are the necessary points of action the organization need to put into place. Customers will always be loyal to a company that satisfies them through various ways. A service based organization has therefore to look unto the various areas which can make the customers feel satisfied.

Firstly, the organization needs to make proper arrangement for provision of quality services to its customers. This is one of the most important factors that can help the company to make sure that they have applied the right technique in the business so as to beat the opponents. In long run, this will help the organization to retain their customers and therefore be able to beat their opponents. All customers appreciate when they receive the services on time which help them to extend their loyalty to the organization in question.

The organization has to manage their delivery of services to the customers. They should also demonstrate great care to their customers by always responding immediately while required by any customer either for a new service or for extension of the previously delivered service. In their new strategy, the organization therefore need to put up strategies on how to retain the customers since this is one of the best techniques to help them beat their opponents. They need to have proper support services for their customers who need to be properly handled.

The other paramount factor which an organization needs to consider when putting up a new strategy is the link with the suppliers. An organization need the supplier who feed them with the necessary support services for the organization to keep running. The organization has to manage its internal operations such that they do not cause any inconveniences to their customers due to delayed internal functions of the organization. This therefore requires the organization to manage their activities which will help in smoothening the operations.

There need to be a well planned method on the way the information should be flowing from the organization to the suppliers so that all required goods and services from the suppliers can be received on time. All the procedures in the company need to be in a synchronized manner so that there can be no constraint in any department or in the available chains of operation. This will henceforth improve the performance since there will be no loose link in the whole system which may course back log of undelivered services.

The organization require to put into consideration the various ways unto which the organization shall be performing its research so as to develop in the area. There should be clear guidelines on how the organization shall be introducing new services to the market indicating the duration the new services shall be taking in the market. This should go hand in hand with identifying who their opponents are and the quality of the services they offer which they should compare with what they are offering. This will help the management of the organization to always maximize on the weaknesses of their opponents so as to be able to beat them.

The organization can achieve a lot of profit through expanding its branches and therefore the organization need to put into place suggestions of possible expansions into new markets as well as improve on their marketing strategies. Finally, the organization is required to have a department for sales and marketing as well as have a well organized department of human resource. These departments will be conducting surveys for the various areas which need either new penetration by the organization or even those which are in need of added services.

In this way the organization shall be able to tap new customers as well as be in a position to maintain the already existing customers. This will be a nice way to beat their competitors in the sense that the organization will always be in front in matters concerning the availability of market and how to penetrate the market while still maintaining their old customers. Possible changes in the security alarm case The first step which the security company should engage in is the identification of their current position in the market as they compare themselves with their opponents.

The organization therefore has to be in a position to tell what might be dragging them behind and come up with possible solutions on the way forward. The survey has to include a thorough audit of the various departments which are in the organization and how each of them is performing in comparison with the expectations. This will help the organization to identify the possible point of break down in their system and will hence mend any short come. The other change which the security alarm company need work on is that the organization should have a clear guideline on how the company shall be employing its staffs.

There should be well formulated to have enough control information on the exact process of recruitment as well as the requirements of all the employees in different departments. This will help the company to obtain experienced individuals in all the departments which therefore shall help the employees to be in a position to deal with all the matters arising in their specific departments. Recruiting the right employees in the company will also help the company in the invention of new ideas in the business and hence formulation of new working techniques which can help the company to beat their opponents.

Great innovations in the company will only result from having knowledgeable and skillful individuals in the company who are conversant with the areas unto which the have been deployed to. The security alarm company should therefore endeavor to assimilate only skillful personnel in the business so as to help the employees engage various new technologies which are required in all areas. The employees will start working will minimal consultations which will enhance quick response of the employees to the matters of their customers.

To uplift their market share, the company needs to improve on their delivery of services to the customers and make sure that all customers receive the required service on time. This will help the company to avoid loosing their customers to the opponents. For the company to be able to retain their customers, they have to make sure that they always satisfy them. The customers deserve to be treated with honor and be listened to so as to keep them happy and be in a position to retain the customers’ loyalty to the company.

The company need to enhance its after service support which they offer to their customers on customers request. It is through smart services and good follow up programs that the customers are always convinced of the right company for them. To improve on the market share, the organization should provide a department for research which will help in the development of the organization. Through this department there will be many improvements in all the departments since the organization shall be coming up with various ways of offering their services.

The security alarm company will expand into new markets since there will be greater knowledge on what should be done to enhance performance and increase the productivity of the organization. It is through research that the organization can also identify the various loop holes which might drag them behind and therefore dedicate to mend them so as to be top in the market. Next the company should put down all the working procedures and plans which they have for all the departments so as to assist in easy working strategies.

The company need to have formulated guidelines on how various arising issues in each and every department should be dealt with. They should also have clear information on what issues each department should deal with and state the extent all departments should handle cases before handing them over to a senior department. This will assist the managers in the various departments to be able to handle their required duties without undue inconveniences. There will also be an improvement of service delivery since all departments have specified duties to carry.

The improvement will also help employees in being able to handle issues of maintenance and after service support services. In matters concerning their employees, the security alarm company need to be conducting several performance measurements for all their employees including the senior managers. This will help to merit the employees in terms of their performance and therefore the organization will be able to promote or demote the employees so that the employees to occupy the best position in the company.

There will be therefore the involvement of fair process during the selection of individuals to occupy any vacant position in the company and this will lead to employees’ satisfaction. Failure to do so, the security alarm company will encounter difficulties in controlling employees who might feel that the employees’ promotion processes which the company adapt are not fair which therefore kills the morale of the employees. The management of the company need to be well conversant of what needs the employees have so that they can plan on the necessary plan of action.

There should therefore be well planned strategies on employee development. Finally, the company need to create good linkage with all suppliers to avoid any fall back of the various departments due to delayed supply services. All deliveries into the organization should be done on time so that the company can also manage to perform timely deliverance of their services. In conclusion, there are various changes which a service oriented company need to take in consideration while putting up a new strategy.

As has been seen, the security alarm company has very many loop holes in respect to the considerations. The company has to consider the matters concerning the employees and the employee’s development. It has also to take care of the research as well as development of the company. It has been seen that the security alar4m company need to straighten their service delivery to customers as well as provide the customers with quality services. Finally the security alarm company has to have super links between them and their suppliers so as to facilitate quick flow of services in and out of the company.


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