So, today anyone who doesn’t have a Facebook seems to have a problem. Yes, a problem. Maybe some sort of technology phobia, because there’s very few people I’ve heard of that doesn’t have an account. Anyone who has never had any contact with the world brightest creation has missed a lot. They are just out of the loop, to say the least. But, what is so fantastic about this Facebook thing? It helps you keep in touch with friends all around the globe, yes and that’s great. Share pictures of your adventures or last night party for anyone who can’t remember.

I’m pretty sure there are really good ways in which you can use Facebook, but, how many useless things can you do when you have an account? Thousands. Facebook is time-consuming, addictive and develops your most hidden stalker spirit. People often think of Facebook as their psychologist, where they can just spit out anything they are doing at the moment, from an exciting experience they just had to let everybody know they are breathing -and we love reading all that crap.

It’s 9 pm one night and you see one of these statuses. You get interested and decide to click on that person’s profile and take a little peek. All of the sudden you find this one photo album and start clicking. No, you have no clue who the heck all these people are because you met this person when you were 7 years old and haven’t talked to him ever since. It doesn’t matter, you just keep going. You see this picture where this hot guy is in and go to his profile, redo the chain of actions you just did and so on.

You end up looking at this girl from China’s profile and wondering how is it possible that it’s already 3 am when it didn’t seem that long. Most of times, after wasting useful hours, you remember you had something important to do, like a 400-word essay to write and send to your teacher by 2 pm. You promise to yourself you won’t open Facebook window again and stick your face down onto that paper, but before you know it you find yourself refreshing the homepage to see if there’s something new.

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You don’t want to miss the last scoop, of course. The clock keeps going and it’s 5 am. How about your essay? Don’t even know the topic yet, dang it! “I will not open Facebook again”, you say. Actually, you go straight to the settings and deactivate your account for as long as you are alive – which is just trying to trick yourself because you know you can always log back in. But, wait!

You forgot to tell your friends you would do it so you open your Facebook again and tell your best friend about your decision and hope she’ll help you stay strong, and waste another good three hours on the same thing you did a few hours ago and it’s already 8 am and you have only 6 hours left to send that essay. You think to yourself: “Facebook is crap, but I still love it. I guess that will be the story of my life in 400 words”. And here I am today. By the way, what is a “poke” for?


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