Eyes on the Prize

Set during the American times where there is more of brawling and chaos about people’s rights, “Eyes on the Prize” is a crucial documentary of the African-American movement for Civil Rights from the 1950’s to the1960’s. It was not just a mere historical documentary but had also been a reliable source of information about the civil rights movement that Clayborne Carson, a respected history professor at the Stanford University said, “it is the principal film account of the most important American social justice movement of the 20th century.

Its latter part, “Eyes on the Prize: Bridge to Freedom,” released in 1965 tackles the pioneering actions of Selma, Alabama residents for voting rights started way back in the 1950’s. These residents have dauntlessly fought for their right to vote but unfortunately, out of hundreds of them, only a handful were picked and approved. The situation became even more rigid in 1961. Thousands upon thousand of the residents marched forth through Montgomery after an adolescent black activist was killed.

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Greatly enough, through this march, President Lyndon Baines Johnson eventually signed the Voting Rights Act in 1965. The video is undoubtedly moving by itself. Seeing all those fights and movements, people hurt yet still standing to fight for their rights. It was more than enough to realize how lucky we are to live in a more peaceful society and in a time where civil rights were all established.

We would not need to go out and protest or even march a long way under the striking heat of the sun just to have the precious rights we ought to have. The emphasis of discrimination and racism and how, through united efforts of whites and blacks alike, it fell out was a vital demonstration of how unity amidst diversity could win over selfishness and individuality in these modern days.