What existing competition is there in and around Chelmsford

There are already many different Leisure Centres or different calibre’s located in and around Chelmsford. I will begin by examining the largest and most used, Riverside.

Riverside Ice ; Leisure

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Riverside Ice ; Leisure is located just away from Chelmsford High Street and offers the full package. It has three swimming pools, a child’s pool, main pool (including diving boards) and an outdoor pool. It has a full size ice rink, which is home to the Chelmsford Chieftain’s ice hockey team. It has a full capacity indoor sports hall, which caters for indoor football, martial arts, badminton, tennis and trampolining.

Other facilities include an all day restaurant, snooker and poolrooms, full gymnasium, child’s activity areas and squash courts. We are not planning to build anything on this scale as rivalling Riverside would be quite a task, we must take into account that Riverside has no particular target group as it caters for just about everyone. Building a Leisure Centre within the immediate area surrounding Riverside would be a big mistake, as any possible custom would be immediately halved by the appeal of Riverside. Although we would certainly aim to take away some of Riverside’s users.

Esporta Health ; Leisure Centre

Esporta is located once again just away from Chelmsford High Street next to the County Cricket Ground. Esporta is a fairly large health and fitness centre with many available facilities. These include a swimming pool, a health and beauty salon, a physiotherapy suite, bar and restaurant, children’s activity areas, fully equipped gymnasium and sauna and hydrotherapy areas. I believe that Esporta targets people between 25 and 40 with children and busy lifestyles. All the different play areas for children suggest they are trying to attract people who want to exercise but need some where to leave their children. It concentrates a lot on the ‘beauty’ area, which suggests that is trying to appeal to younger women. In summary I believe Esporta is aimed at busy women with young children.

Cannons Health Club

Canons Health Club is located only a stone throw away from Riverside Ice & Leisure and is a membership based club with facilities including a full gymnasium, a swimming pool, saunas, spas’, a hair salon, sunbeds and a cr�che. I would class Cannon’s Health Club alongside Esporta as a centre designed for younger men and women with a busy lifestyle, perhaps this centre is even more women-orientated as it includes such things as sunbeds and a hair salon. It also has a bar and lounge area, which certainly suggests it, is an adult environment and is not, aimed at the -18 age group.