Fictional characters Gregor and Noboru both undergo a series of unfortunate events with the aid of another individual, which basically force their psychological impairment. Although, Gregor is violently attacked by his household while Noboru is the aggressor of his milieus. Gregor, who was a former travelling salesman, has been violently abused by his male parent. Now that Gregor is a animal other than a human, his presence is no longer every bit of import as it used to be. He has no concerns of the “ anguish of going, worry [ ing ] about altering trains ( Kafka 3 ) , ” but now his lone concern is to remain alive. The painful, sorrowful tone used shows the significance of importance on how much of an consequence his male parent ‘s force really had on him. Although his male parent had pockets full of apples to throw at him, merely one “ lightly winging object ” hit Gregor ‘s locality. Gregor tried to drag himself further off from his male parent. The enunciation used here emphasizes Gregor ‘s mental composing ; now running off from his male parent versus running about as a salesman for his retired male parent. Due to the rotten apple in his dorsum and the inflamed country around it he feels weak physically and mentally to contend for his life, but he still runs in hopes of lasting this onslaught. Gregor ‘s inflated thought, running with his “ small but none ” mobility illustrates his desire to populate more.

In contrast, Noboru from the really beginning is convinced that life itself consists of a “ few ” easy signals and determinations. After run intoing Ryuji, Noboru ‘s similes of him being like a hero is rapidly changed as the main sways him to believe there are no heroes in the universe. This serves as the verification of Noboru ‘s mental change. As he peeled the tegument of the cat, metaphorically skining his wickednesss off, Noboru was assured the cat was now absolutely at one with the universe. Unlike Gregor, Noboru ‘s nihilistic behaviour deteriorated his judgement of decease, believing it is the lone path to the ultimate Eden. He for one is disdainful in presenting the cat to its paradise-by violent death it. Gregor on the other manus merely believes his life will be over, and this contemplation is based on the harm his male parent inflicted upon him both physically and mentally.

As clip goes on, Gregor becomes more and more traumatized from his household ‘s actions. The irony- to believe his male parent, the “ same adult male who in the old yearss used to lie tiredly in buried in bedaˆ¦ ( Kafka 36 ) ” now has the strength to transport multiple apples and trail him about merely to torment him distresses Gregor deeply. Likewise, his sister Grete who used to assist him after his transmutation no longer seeks to ease him in hopes to last. This serves as a metaphorically violent act and farther leads to weakening his psychological every bit good as physical outlook. His sister, who would “ surely topographic point ” his preferable nutrients for him where accessible, does n’t understand him any longer. The fact that Grete no longer helps Gregor physically ill ‘s him because she was the “ one and merely ” individual who would understand him, which signifies his unhappiness and mental impairment. Gregor is now more prone to believing that there is no longer anything left for him in the universe. He now accepts the fact that he should decease, and it ‘s all because of the force his household has put upon him.

Noboru has a different mentality on emotions. Rather than going more emotional, Noboru transformed into an stolid child. After perpetrating the “ senseless, ” nihilistic act on the kitty, although he had a “ nervous hastiness, ” Noboru did n’t fuss at all for the sadistic act he had merely performed. Unlike Gregor who was attacked upon and disquieted, Noboru attacked the kitty and felt relieved, for he was so certain the kitty was achieved by “ existent power ” over world. When Noboru is believing of the charges against Ryuji, his 3rd charge stated himself being put in “ an terribly stray place ( Mishima 81 ) . ” After reading it, he erased this charge, for the intension involved emotions being shown. Noboru from the get downing hopes to demo no emotion of any kind, since emotion is non the best manner to populate. Therefore, his violent act which he planned for Ryuji was influenced by his unemotional deliberations. Not holding any emotion instilled in Noboru led him to believe killing Ryuji in a nihilistic mode is the right thing to make. This shows his impairment because he ‘s no longer his female parent ‘s small “ beloved, ” but this sadistic kid perpetrating unthinkable Acts of the Apostless. The emotion implanted in Gregor and the unemotional Noboru is a major difference led by force which implies the impairment of both characters.

Both Gregor and Noboru are affected by force that shows their character transmutation from the beginning to stop. As Gregor wakes up from his drab sleep, he notices his “ calendered magazine ” which uses imagination to portray the miss in this posting hung up on his wall as adult. Likewise, Noboru climbs in his shortss merely to look through a spyhole into his female parent ‘s sleeping room, and watch her while she ‘s bare. Both characters are obviously shown in the beginning as looking at such images for their free clip. Gregor did n’t make much besides provide for his household, so the posting hung on his wall equivocally shows his manner of amusement. In the gap pages of Mishima ‘s novel, he mentions Noboru ‘s lock up for making some mischievousness. Mishima besides mentions Noboru ‘s descrying on his female parent, peculiarly when she ‘s acquiring ready for bed. His pick of enunciation here shows that Noboru truly stared at his female parent for his admirations. After Gregor ‘s force imposed upon him, the image is no longer mentioned. Besides, after his male parent violently threw icky apples at Gregor, his female parent intruded, and on the manner, her “ disentangled half-slips slipped toward the floor one after the other ( Kafka 37 ) . ” At that minute, Gregor became unconscious, typifying force being the cause that Gregor no longer attentions for sexual amusement as earlier. Likewise, after Noboru realizes what an un-existentialist Ryuji is, he plans his onslaught on Ryuji, no longer caring for the spyhole, or descrying on his female parent naked. Noboru at this point does n’t desire to watch the image of his female parent and Ryuji in her bed, for he feels black on Ryuji ‘s portion because he no longer connotatively controls his female parent as Noboru thought he did. Therefore, his choler every bit good as his optical density in his violent, nihilistic program towards Ryuji steered him off from looking at his literally au naturel female parent. This maneuvering off from sexual imagination which both Gregor and Noboru had a desire for is now gone due to the force they were involved in.

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Kafka ‘s novel begins with Gregor already transformed into a animal. This significant alteration is a daze to everyone who sees him. His female parent along with his sister were both “ distressingly crushed ” at the sight of him. Mishima ‘s novel starts with Noboru being locked up in his room, and because he did n’t “ uncover the head ‘s name ( Mishima 3 ) ” Noboru was being punished, therefore locked up in his room. Both characters likewise are unaffected by their ain actions. Gregor ‘s metabolism as a beetle and Noboru ‘s defence of the main resulting in isolation fusss both characters non one spot. This in bend leads to their personal force imposed on them, or to them.

The physical usage of force inflicted upon Gregor and Noboru leaves a lasting harm to both characters. Because the apple is imbedded in his tegument, like a “ seeable keepsake ( Kafka 38 ) , ” it foreshadows the fact that Gregor will shortly decease now. The apple on his organic structure will shortly immobilise him, and it will corroborate his feelings of decease. Similarly, Noboru “ comparing the cadaver [ to ] aˆ¦ his female parent and the crewman [ Ryuji ] ( Mishima 60 ) ” foreshadows his action that he will take upon Ryuji, and the fact that this psychological manner of thought is what is right for him.

Violence is applied in both novels to demo the ultimate psychological ruin of Gregor and Noboru. Gregor is violently attacked by his household, while Noboru is aggressor of Ryuji. Both characters undergo a psychological dislocation, and force is the cause of their impairment. Violence, in most instances, is non the right reply. Even though what is considered violent by society, Noboru ‘s act of abattoir to Ryuji does non take to ultimate success for everyone. Likewise, Gregor ‘s male parent, who violently abused him, merely added up to Gregor ‘s verification of decease, which he ne’er concluded to before. Violence, in a big sum of instances, ever has more of a negative consequence instead than a positive 1.


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