will have a dream of building a new home.But building a new home is a very
challenging and difficult process as well.There are many things like finding
the perfect block of land, furnishings,selecting the right builder and other
things like colors,fittings,etc.Have you ever thought of including solar power
in your list?If you have decided to include solar as part of your new home,then
here are few steps you need to take.

Lay of the Land:                                                               

shape of your land has amazing impacts on the efficiency of your solar
panels.For instance,the effect of solar panels will be more in a flat block or
one with the hill on the southern or western side, when compared with a block
of land with a steep hill on the northern or eastern side.This is because the
sun can hit your solar panel in the flat block very easily than hitting in
steep hills.

If you
have an idea of buying a coastal block,then you have to make sure you budget
accordingly.Because,your solar panels should be able to withstand harsh coastal
conditions.So,you should check with your electricity provider whether you’ll
need to install solar panels with a higher salt and wind corrosion rating.

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South-facing roof

most important factor for building a new home is that a home should be built
with a south-facing roof. Roof features such as dormers, chimneys ,vent pipes, ,and
other roof mounted utilities interrupt the roof-span and make it more difficult
to install solar arrays.

Shade-free site

another most cordinal factor is that your south-facing roof should be located
in a shaded free area.Yeah..It plays an important role when you need to install
solar panels for your home.The shade of your neighbours building should not
affect your roof.So you should plan accordingly to prevent your roof from
shading.You should also know the type of vegetation that surrounds your block
of land.

Discussion with Your Builder

with your builder is the most significant thing while you have decided to
include solar as a part of your new home after selecting your landscape.This
will help the builder to make the plans well organized and smooth.Some builders
can also install solar panels when they are building your home.Otherwise you
have to hire an outside installer for your solar PV system,and your builder
should provide them with the plans for the site including roofs.It will be more
helpful if you take advice from the experienced solar installation company to
help you.

And Pre-wiring your solar panels

the wiring for your solar power system while building your walls can make your
life much easier for your solar installer.You should always install a
solar-ready electricity meter from the begining.Hence,there is no need to
replace it during the connection of your
solar power system.

If you
are building a multi-store home,then Pre-laying your solar panels on the roof
would be an option.

Merits of using Solar Panels for Our

can save an average of 50% on your electric bill or even eliminate it all
together by choosing the size of the solar system.The size of your solar system
plays a prominent role in reducing your 
electric bill.

Solar panels notably improve your
resale value:Nowadays, home buyers know the value of installing solar
panels in their home. Hence they prefer homes with solar panels installed in it
so that they didnt have to make the initial investment and installation.

have shown that adding a solar system increases a homes resale value by an
average of $5.50 per watt. For instance,if you install a 3.1 kilowatt system, your
homes resale value could improve by nearly $18,000.

have also proved that homes with solar sell 15% faster than homes without

Solar World
systems can last for more than 30 years, there are even some solar panels that
have been generating energy for more than 40 years.

Join Hands with Us

is the key to express our sense with others.It would be a great previlege for
us if you share any ideas with us so that we can assure that your design is


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