Event Planning

The aim for this assignment is to organise an outside event on behalf of a client and it will look at some important factors of the event such as the location, the number of guests it will be accommodating, special requirements, the menu, date and time for the event, staffing and their responsibilities and most of all the health and safety of the guests and the staff. Before the event is underway I will have to find out what the clients requirement are.

This will help on what skills I will need to improve on during the event According to shone and parry they suggest that “planning is vital to a successful is an event” what they are trying to say is planning process itself is the real key to what will happen so preparation and planning are the key element to a successful event. Sometime planning may come with its own difficulty like finding people to do the job.

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Shone and parry suggest that “group size does vary the larger the group the more difficult it may be to achieve an integrated approach” event so with a small group there are many other problem, but the best solution is to get people to work together. Factors which can be considered when planning an event. No matter how much you plan, a few unexpected problems may arise and you might discover that you have a few last-minute details to resolve. The only thing you can do is prepare for the unexpected. Make sure you have at your fingertips the tools to solve any problems that may occur.

In order to solve unwanted problems is to have contingency funds built into your event budget to pay for those unexpected expenses. Another most important factor to consider is the weather. Tenting is needed to protect the guests from the sun or rain. Heating may be necessary if the weather changes. Tenting will offer protection from the elements, but if it is snowing outside, it is difficult to make the tent feel like another room in your house. In our climate, each season dictates different requirement.

But also I will have to consider if I could negorsiate with the place owner see if they could offer there place for free and help us save money which is going toward the charity fundraise. What the event is about The event will be based on a children dance festive which will help raise money for children with learning disability needs and all the money that will be raised on the day goes to home to help with some important equipment’s needed. The reason for this theme is I thought it will be very entertaining and exciting to watch and guest might be willing and kind to donate more toward the funds.

I picked this event as I think that the charity deals with a huge part of the world today where children are being neglected and not being giving the equal opportunities that we take for granted. This issue is not overly addressed to any one person and it would be a good charity to bring up and explain to people how much help there is needed in countries besides their own and with the coming of together shows how much they care and are willing to help out and even if it’s a small group of people there money goes a long way.

There will be a welcome speech from our client we are organising the event for and I will be giving a brief welcome speech to thank the entire guest that is attending the event and there support in helping it raise money. What this event is intended to celebrate, to entertain and to fund raise Budget A budget is the most important thing in order for an event to run to plan and smooth.

However, as Bowdin et al (2004) suggest that “budgets are of particular importance to the management of event because most aspects of the event need payment before the revenue is obtained” so basically cash flow needs special attention and funding or sponsorship bodies need a budget of the event before they will commit their resources. A good financial control is important aspects of the event management process even if we are organising a small personal event because we need to know how much can be spent. Date and time

The event will be held at twelve in the afternoon to nine on the 16th august 2011. This will give me and my team pretty of time to organise and plan for the event so that it will be running smoothly on the day of the event and hopefully manage to accommodate everyone’s needs. It will also give the guest time to get there on time and pretty of time to get them seated and organised for the day ahead and one other reason is that they don’t have to worry about waking up early the next day to get themselves ready work.

The date is also perfect because the weather won’t be to hot or cold because weather and climate play an important role in the success of many outdoor special events, including the quality of visitor experiences. Location The event will held at Center Parcs in Elveden it will take place in a marquee, I will have to hire some table and chairs to make sure everyone of our guests have a place to relax and enjoy the evening but I will also need to consider the local community making sure that there now disturbed by the noise and sheer noise of traffic and also look at the history of location.

For this event we will hire a marquee which will accommodate 130 people and I will not have to bother too much about the decoration of the venue. However, you have to take some measures to provide adequate safety and comfort to the guests. Staff These are some of the thing as the coordinator will have to consider when planning this event is to draw up a plan of the event. List all the jobs that need to be done and who will do them.

Recruit helpers for the event by approaching: • Youth groups • Schools • Universities • Supporters • Friends and family • Parents or families of participants Local sports clubs Since it is a charity event, we will have to consider so many other ways to save money we can’t afford spending money on hiring staff. Also will look at have to explore their talent and skill and what they can bring or add to help the event run smooth and successful. Not matter how good you work may be it is viutor to Make sure there is enough people to help setup, run, and clean-up after the event is over, and make sure that all the staff are clear when and where to show up, what they will be doing, and how long i will need them.

And all these people will provide the primary level of guest assistance in the seating area, required to have a thorough knowledge of the event requirements, provide access control, crowd management and ensure the venue is safe for guests. They also have to provide guests with directions or other venue information. Moreover they also have to ensure a safe and fun environment for all guests, staff and performers. Health and safety It is very important that the health and safety is considered before holding the event when the venue is in an open area.

At the start of the event there will be an announcement passed to shower the guests and staff where the fire assembly point are. To ensure the safety of the guests and the staff everyone will be required to sign themselves in and out when they leave the premises so that it give me a good idea of how many people have attend the event. Staff will also be there to help allocate the guess to the nearest fire exits In order that health and safety is to a high standard we shall place some hired at least ten mobile toilets for both male and female so that there is enough for our and that they do not have to wait for the other.

Transportation There are other ways people can get there one way is by rail and by private transport and for those that will be traveling by car there will be parking space provided for guests that wish to drive to the central Parcs. Canapes Options As soon as the guests arrive they will be offered some, Curry butter chicken on taro root crisp with candied chilli. Open miniature bagel with smoked salmon, cream cheese and topped with a caper berry and for the vegetarians.

Handmade parmesan sable biscuit with creamed goats cheese, red onion marmalade and cherry tomato the last on the list is Carrot and coriander with a hint of Cointreau. This will be served when the guests arrive and there will also be a welcome drink and guests will have a choice of a white or red wine and we will be serving hot and cold drinks. Food and drink There are lots of restrictions on the kind of foods that you can serve in an outdoor event. Some foodstuffs cannot be kept unrefrigerated, even for a brief period of time. So with this event I have decide to serve a Fork

Buffet meal and for the vegetarians there will be roasted vegetable lasagne and roasted peppers stuffed with Quinoa and for our dessert menu we will be serving Belgium White Chocolate Cheesecake and apple pie with vanilla ice cream during the guest meal there will be round of drinks served according to their choice, but if they wish to drink something else which is not on our menu there will be am open bar serving drinks but they will have to pay for what they drink. There will also be jugged iced plain water on every table as some people would prefer to take water during their meal.

In addition to what parry and shone (2004) “there is a belief that diners will not drink alcohol if water is put on the table, this is fallacious and it always results in tables asking for water and service being disrupted to get it”. So what they are trying to say is that such disturbance imitates an incompetent approach. Conclusion The challenges of an outdoor event are quite exceptional. What makes it interesting is the amount of scope you get for experimentation with the natural surroundings of the venue. You will find that your guests are enjoying much more in an open atmosphere and closer to the nature. Rafaela