Until the 14th century technology played a limited role in warfare. Before then weapons were little more than used for hunting or tools spears, arrows and swords were put to different use Weapons have become part of modern society and are needed for many things such as protection. The real break through came with the invention of gunpowder by the Chinese. Major changes occurred in the 19th Century, in the 1830’s the mechanism of the gun was totally changed making it quicker to load and shot.

Man quickly sped up the inventing of weapons both automatic as seen in the use of tanks in world war 1 and Nuclear as seen in World War 2. Nuclear weapons are unlike standard weapons. Weapons of mass destruction can cause a good deal more devastation than the simple weaponry of the past, for this incentive many people believe there is no rationalisation for this. In spite of this many people argue that as long as there are an evenly balanced amount of nuclear arms threatening the equivalent quantity of main Capitals then no single land will be able to win a mass war.

Many people also argue that the applying of nuclear weapons ended the Second World War and consequently precluded the invasion of mainland Japan and saved many American troops from certain death. Many people say that the use of weapons of bulk demolition must only be used at a last resort and that everything considered must be tried. Many Christians believe that supreme powers like Britain and America have avoided major war as they have colossal nuclear abilities. Many countries justify their nuclear programs by stating it is for defence and not for aggressiveness.

On the contrary many Christians dispute that weapons of carnage cannot be used in a restricted means it’s all or nothing. Many say that the destruction produced would be so great that no one could justify it. Many individuals argue that it would be morally wrong to use nuclear weapons since the complete human population could be wiped out in a few hours. If a nuclear war were to commence there would be no survivors and it would leave many parts of the world unfit for human habitation.

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Many Christians believe that if super powers were to dismantle their arsenal of weapons many other countries would follow their lead. A wide population also contend that nuclear weapons are non-discriminate we only have to look at Nagasaki and Hiroshima to see that many innocents were killed gratuitously. Another argument against is the legacy the bombs leave, Nagasaki remains corrupt with radiation after the bomb. The Chernobyl disaster shows us the effects of nuclear disasters and their legacy.

The pope once said ‘ in this age, which boasts of its atomic power, it no longer makes sense to maintain that war is a fit instrument with which to repair the violation of justice’ This is the pope condemning the use of nuclear weapons and capabilities this is a strong argument that any Christians reinforce the argument against nuclear weapon with. It would appear that there are more argument hostile to the use of nuclear weapons, as a Christian I judge the use of nuclear arms as being unethical and as a waste of money.

Millions of pounds of tax payers money each spent on military exercises that are used to practice fighting and aren’t even real wars, yet they spend money on these ridiculous things. If we think sensibly war kills yet governments are allowed to overspend money on weapons. When we could be giving this money to people who need it and instead of killing people and destroying lives we can save lives and make lives a little more easier. I see nuclear war as having no real winners.


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