Europe cultural to economic to social and political.

experienced the highest influx of refugees since the Second World War. Wars and
persecutions are the main reasons behind the refugee crisis all over the world.
In countries ravaged by massive corruption and greed by those in political
positions, many people have been forced to leave their homes in search of
survival in foreign lands. The corruption and greed by those in power in such
countries includes their amassal of to much wealth at the expense of many, and they
end up grabbing property such as land from the marginalized and murdering the
innocent, situations where even when one has the necessary qualifications, he
or she can not find work, all work positions are occupied by relatives who
sometimes may not even be qualified for them, all the countries’ resources are
in the hands of the lucky few in political positions. Although huge numbers
have been applying for asylum, the number of people being given asylum is far

I think the
refugee crisis has influenced from the cultural to economic to social and
political. To economic, they provide cheap labor. They boost population growth,
enlarging the economic as a whole. They usually make the population younger,
more of working age, less of retirement age. However, they put strain on the
social security. They often lower the socioeconomic level of the places they
settle in and tend to drag down the adjacent population. To cultural, they fear
of culture being lost. They fear that the refugees won’t work and will only sop
up benefits. To

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I think that
we all realize that this is a complicated decision. This isn’t a simple yes or
no question. There are many parts to the decision about what is supposed to
happen to these huge people who are struggling to find new homes and start over
in a new place. Saying no to the refugees is essentially put their lives at
risk. But at the same time, if we brought the Syrian refugees here, how would
we afford this? I don’t know the answer to solve this problem. I just know that
each side has problems. However, I do know that a decision that could determine
the fate of the huge people need to be considered carefully.