Ethiopian-American, best-selling author, and physician Abraham Verghese produced the novel Cutting For Stone which is filled with emotionally irresistible moments that are filled with mysteries that we find out throughout the book. When I first got the book, I didn’t think that the word “Stone” would be a metaphor for patients, the title also has another hidden meaning which I will further explain. The story takes place in 1954 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Missing Hospital where the Marion and Shiva stone are a product of a scandalous trust to British father Thomas Stone who was a surgeon and Indian mother Sister Mary Joseph Praise who was a nun as well as a nurse. Sister Mary passed away during labor and Dr. Stone fled Ethiopia leaving Marion and Shiva behind because he didn’t know how to deal with loss, Stone was also was not aware that those were his children until his lover’s death.When the father fled, two doctors from Missing: Hema and Ghosh decide to become their adoptive parents. Hema always wanted children so it was destined for her to adopt the twins and Ghosh was Hema’s longtime admirer before he became her husband but he was never confident enough to portray his love to her. Since they both shared equal love towards the twins, it brought them together to create a family. Ghosh and Hema being doctors, they nurtured their passion towards medicine with the twins which inspired them to pursue medicine. Their medical destination is what creates the story because of all the experiences that they face either they were heartbreaking or heart-melting because each scenario that happens in the novel makes an impact towards the way you perceive characters mainly as they were narrated from Marion’s viewpoint.As Marion and Shiva grow older they start feeling emotional and sexual desires, the twins having same but very different personalities portrayed their needs differently. Marion fell in love Genet, who was his best friend and the daughter of Rosina part of the family since she was the housemaid, and both of them promised one another to lose their virginities to each other when they get married. Shiva, on the other hand, would sleep with prostitutes on the weekends and isn’t able to feel comfortable with anyone to share his emotional feelings with others. The outbreak happens with Genet betrays Marion and loses her virginity to Shiva which damages the relationship that the twins shared, the twins bond is severely damaged and until the near of the novel when Ghosh passes away.Marion and Shiva are so close as they are growing up as Marion would call them: MarionShiva. The twins were born conjoined at the head then underwent surgery and became un-conjoined but they shared a spiritual connection in their brains, from Marion’s point of view which makes Shiva character unfairly described since all the actions that he has done doesn’t allow us to gain full knowledge since he, himself doesn’t give any reasons. Marion was also the extrovert meaning he would do all the talking on his brothers’ behalf in social situations. Shiva, on the other hand, would answer questions with a literal meaning and known to be exceptionally academically smart.Genet is one of Marion’s main problems throughout the book as she causes him so much distress and agony while not only harming him emotionally but also by nearly almost destroying his professional career as a doctor. She joins a radical political group fighting for the independence of Eritrea, which leads her to hijack an airplane since Marion is connected to Genet he is forced into fleeing the country to avoid questions and getting arrested


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