states that an action is right, if and only if it promotes the best
consequences for the greatest number. 4 Restricting the society to get hands
on this technology is the best possible way for the welfare of everyone. Well,
thinking of walking a mile (or a kilometre) in another person’s shoes gives a
horrendous sensation in an individual’s mind. Considering a scenario where few
people can avail this technology and use it for their own purpose. But, now
what if when people with bad intention get to know about it. Obviously, they
will try best to get it either by blackmailing or killing that individual. So,
it can be seen that this technology can give new life to all the paralysed and
people with other disabilities but at the same time it can take millions of
lives. Moreover, it has not been tested completely. So, what adverse effect it
can cause to people’s brain it is still unknown.  With these many risks, it cannot be allowed
to have its own existence in the common market.


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to W.D. Ross, ‘It states that whether an act is right or wrong depends on
whether it is the one that fulfils one’s most incumbent prima facie duty’. Some
which are violated in this case are Non-injury, Respect for freedom, Equal


is an ethical theory that it is moral to act in ways that produce good outcomes
and avoid bad ones. The Principle of Utility states that actions are ethical
which create the most happiness or pleasure for the most people and the least
unhappiness or pain for the most people after considering everyone’s
perspective. According to this principle, treatment with BBI is moral because
it aims to improve the lives of people who have been disabled.



We undertook a
scoping review of the ethical issues in the brain to brain interface. Major
issues were identified such as safety, security, personhood etc and qualitative
summaries of these issues were extracted from the literature. These descriptive
results need to be confronted in the development of neuroscience. Looking
ahead, we hope that researchers come up with a better solution to these ethical
issues and parallelly with empirical-oriented investigations


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