Elizabeth: The Golden Age, DVD, 1 hr 55mins, Universal Pictures and Working Title Films, Shepperton Studios and Various locations in the United Kingdom, 2005-2006 The director for this film was Shekhar Kapur, but is better known for the movie Bandit Queen. The notable producers on this movie were Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, and Jonathan Cavendish. They have never worked together collectively on anything prior to this movie.The main casting was emphasized by great actors like Cate Blanchett s the Queen, Geoffrey Rush as Sir Franicis Walsingham, and Clive Owen as Walter Raleigh. Both Cate Blanchett and Geoffrey Rush were in the prequel to this movie, named Elizabeth. This movie was distributed with excellent commentary and detailed explanations of the costume inspirations on the DVD special features. (Marc Doyle 1) This chronicle of the historic Queen Elizabeth l, played by the seven-time Academy Award-nominatee Cate Blanchett, is enthralling.

In this follow up to the original story n the movie “Elizabeth,” Geoffrey Rush returns for a retelling draped in treason, lust, and power. Clive Owen plays Sir Walter Raleigh, a New World explorer who catches the eye of the Queen and her court. Elizabeth I is preoccupied with protestant and catholic upheaval, assassinations, and expectations to marry and produce an heir. 16th century Europe is the time where Elizabeth I made her marks on the world, making a great impact through literature and parliamentary reform.The story ollows the conflict brewing between Elizabeth I and King Philip II of Spain which culminates in a powerful scene in which Spain’s armada is defeated. (Steven D Greydanus 1) The subplot of this movie unfolds from the Queen’s interest in Sir Walter Raleigh.

When Raleigh returns from the land later called Virginia, he brings tobacco, Indians, and potatoes with him. He later tries to return to the sea while leaving behind a wife with a child on the way. This is at first unbeknownst to the..


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