Why Germany Lost World War Two

On 22 June 1941 Germany invaded the Soviet Union and declared war upon them. For a while it seem that the Soviet Union would be defeated. However, with great courage and determination the Russians fought back until in 1945 when the last German troops were expelled from Russia but what were the main causes for this, I have to look at the short and long term cause of the war to answer this controversial question.Russia was very successful on their defeat of the Axis because they were one of the most biggest countries in the world therefore her army out numbered the German army easily. The Russian advance from the East into Germany obliterated 607 divisions of the Germanys army; this approximately 6 million men. Even the other countries Russia was allied to could not compare to that figure; Britain and the U.S.A together could only mange 176 divisions of Germanys army. With such a vast army Russia was obligated to fight the biggest battles for example, Battle of Kursk July 1943, which was one of the largest tank battle in history and also Barbarossa which absorbed 75% of the German Army; Russia was the only country on the allies side fighting on the ground in Europe because Britain and the U.S.A were fighting in the sea, air and in North Africa.On the other hand Germany started a war that they could not possibly win. Germany had a leader Adolph Hitler, who had no military experience and he dismissed generals that object to his plans. The German economy was strong at the start of the war because they had Russia as an ally in 1940 but as soon as Hitler decided to turn the tables on Russia; we see a steady collapse of their economy: as Germany started to suffer from heavy losses again Russia people were drafted into the army immediately and they had to resort to slave labour to keep a fairly constant war production rate. Once Russia conquered the territory in the East and cut of Germanys oil supply and raw materials; these were what the Germany depended on for their war production, the Axis had to import raw materials from their captured countries and the Ruhr.I think this is a very important reason for the defeat of Germany because without a strong economy and resource it would be impossible to win such a large scaled war. Germanys under estimated the power of Russia because Hitler thought that they could take over Russia using Blitzkrieg tactics but was soon proven wrong. I think that Russia was so powerful and effective because they learn from their mistakes from the war against Finland in 1940. I think that without the Russia’s alliance with U.S.A, the economy would not have survive as well as it did during the war: Russia economy was exhausted from fighting biggest battles on land and Russia could not really on it Ally Britain. Britain’s economy was became unstable, as it was the only country that was involved in the war from the beginning with Germany. U.S.A provided both of her Allies the military supplies and food supply. Even though Briatins economy was exhaust by war: the Allies has another important advantage because of the geographical positioning of Britain, without Britain I do not think the Allies would have not have had such a successful D-Day landing in Normandy in 1944.You can not just credit Russia on the size of their powerful army but also credit their speed because when the fighting started the Russians rapidly moved their factories to the east of the Ural mountain which was far from the Russian front. This was a short term problem for the Russians because this gave the Russians the ability to manufacture weapons and equipment for their vast army away from the battlefields, and gave the Russians an advantage over the Germans. Unlike the Russians the Germany did use their initiative which was to move her factories far from the war but instead left her factories vunerable from air raids from the British for example Dresden.Hitler overstretched his resources for example, troops were needed to fight the Russian front, large number of forces we needed to hold down conquered forces and sending troops to north Africa to help the Italians. Hitler knew that Germanys economy would not have been able to survive a war against such a powerful and huge alliance like Britain, USSR and U.S.A but once again Hitler’s ideology got in the way. Even thought Russia had a huge army she still had to rely on her allies because the U.S.A and Britain dealt with affairs abroad like North Africa and Pacific and Atlantic wars, and also Bomb raids. Russia’s resource weren’t spread thinly thanks to her allies.Although the USSR had much to be credited for their success against German but it is also apparent that there were other factors that delivered the Germans to their doom. One of these important factors was that Hitler made was declaring war on to the U.S.A after pearl harbour, by doing so Hitler could not avoid Germanys the same mistakes of the first world war: a war on 2 fronts.I think cause is more important than the fact that Hitler spread his troops thinly across Europe; this could have been averted if Hitler did not declare war onto America. If Hitler had not declared U.S.A after Pearl Harbour Germany would have had brought some time to prepare for such a powerful state. Even though it is logical that Hitler declared war on U.S.A, could not have been avoided because she was allied to Britain. Hitler’s arrogance made him assume that Russia was the biggest threat.I think that Hitler’s racist ideologies was a long term cause which might have contributed to Germanys defeat because Hitler thought that Russia was an inferior race. Hitler’s arrogance that Germans were the superior race made him under estimate force of the Allies especially Russia. I think that Hitler did not have to fight a war on 2 fronts, but I actually thought that Hitler ended fight a war on 3 fronts because by 1944 Britain had more air superiority than German; this gave the Allies an advantages in launching their counter – attacks for example, the D-Day landings. Hitler used propaganda to tarnish the soviets as barbarians. Hitler continually had to boost the morale of the people and the army because not even the generals leading the armies agreed with Hitler’s plans. Hitler’s mistakes help the Allies because Hitler should have listened to his general were telling him to finish off the British army at Dunkirk but Hitler did the opposite and delayed his attack, which allowed the British army to escape. If Hitler had finished off the British army he would have had one less powerful nation to fight against.I think the turning point during the war was when Britain cracked the ‘Enigma’ code. The ‘Egnima’ code was the code that the Germans used to tell one another there plans and where the next attack was going to be, the British and her allies used this code to their advantage; they planned the D-Day landing. The Allies had to be very careful in how they used the code so that the Germans would not catch on and change the code.I think this very important long term cause because with out the code the Allies would not be able to calculate their losses and they calculated it right so they would not have to major drafting of new recruits. If Hitler had known that the Allies had broken the code then I would have thought that the war would have carried on longer than it did; The Allies always had an upper hand on Germany.The main cause for Germanys defeat in 1945 is that her leader Adolf Hitler made many strategic mistakes for example Dunkirk and declaring war onto America. I think the main cause of Germanys defeat in 1945 was that Hitler was taking on more than a single nation could handle on its own; although Germany had Allies. I think that if U.S.A had not have come into the war when they did in 1940, I do not think that Russia could have lasted much long on the East on her own. There are many reasons for the defeat of Germany in 1945 many historians have there own interpretation and mine is that the defeat of Germany was Hitler’s own fault. Hitler thought his ‘Bark was better than his bite!’