In the relation to the question, there are many reasons why children where evacuated from major cities. I will now discuss tell you why I think British were moved to quiet areas such as Sussex, Lancashire, Wales and other parts of British countryside.During the build up to the Second World War, Italy invaded the African country of Abyssinia in 1935 by Italy. The Italians also used bombes on the Abyssinians but they were poison bombs which were never used in the war. Bombs were also used on Guernica, Basque, in the Spanish civil war. This was when the British prime minister at the time, Stanley Baldwin, came out with the quote “the bomber always gets through”. This related to the point of evidence of earlier bombing. This was the bombings that were kinking to the panic of not letting the Britain have millions killed by bombs. This is where Britain began to think about evacuation and how it could destroy the future. Big cities would be a massive target when the countryside would be pointless to bomb.Although radar was invented to spot the planes coming, it was still hard to take them out so it would not help the accuracy of the guns taking the planes out. This made even more people worry about the chances of being killed in the bombings. All these put it in the heads of parents that the countryside was the safest place to be.The government knew this and always knew that the major cities of the British would be in danger. The government expected poison bombs to be used so the people who weren’t evacuated were given a gas mask which were to be carried around everywhere. This was in case of a surprise attack that did happen on Abyssinia and they were used effectively. When the war came to Britain, it was believed that the children would be left unsupervised. During the periods of time where school was out, children would be alone die to the father being most likely at war and the mother helping the war effort. This simulation of a family is seen in the film “Hope and Glory” based on life during world war two. Children would run round with unexploded ammunition and the older children would be having other activities which they would normally be too young for. One of the girls becomes pregnant with a soldier in “Hope and Glory”.This point fits in with the children not being able to help the war effort or even defend the country if Britain was attacked or invaded by the enemy. The only children that helped towards the war effort were the ones evacuated to farms and this would only be older children.My final point us the most important in my opinion. The government did not know how long it would take to defeat Germany and were scared if the next generation would be sparse when they came of age. The future was very important if they were needed in five years for maybe the war effort or even in the army.There were so many reasons for children being evacuated that not one could be picked out for the main reason as they are all valid reasons why evacuation was brought up is seen as I believe that all my reasons are important. I think this because I have backed them up with such things as sources and my own knowledge. I have even used films to back myself up. These all explain a good point and can be seen as valid points in my opinion.


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