To measure the acceleration due to gravity using a pendulum

We were asked to find out measure the acceleration due to the gravity using a pendulum.MethodFor seven different lengths of pendulum in the range of 20cm to 100cm. Find the time for 10 swings, repeat this 3 times to get an average for 10 swings. Find the time for 1 swing record the results and calculate time in second.My prediction – as the piece of string gets longer the longer it will take to do a swing.Apparatus – We used a stand G-clamp, string, pendulum, stopwatch and a holder.ResultsResultsMy results show that they are reliable and are consistent.AnalysisThe gradient- To work out the gradient I used the formula _________. I filled in the x’s and y’s with the relevant numbers and got the answer. My gradient was 3.05.The gravity- To work out the gravity I used the formula __________. Once again I filled in the blanks with the relevant numbers. The answer came to 4.12.My prediction – was that as the length of the string went up the time went up. This was correct and can be proved by looking at the graph.Changing – If I had to change anything to this experiment I would make it easier to measure the length of the string as it is extremely hard to get the exact length.Conclusion – From this experiment I have learnt that the length of the string attached to the pendulum effects the gravity force acting on the pendulum swing.