In my essay I shall be discussing the different characters and their characteristics in the play and also how ‘The Tempest’ relates to certain parts of society and how the characters are portrayed as metaphors or stereotypical, I shall also be looking at the impacts of Colonisation and what it can do to a country, through this I shall be looking at how the tempest can be related to colonisation and the way that different people look and class individuals by their race ability and by how they look. William J Shakespeare wrote ‘The Tempest’ in 1611, many people believe that this was the last play he ever wrote and the last words he ever wrote. The play was performed in front of King James in 1611 and this is what made this play so special. This play is what people could say an Epilogue, Shakespeare’s last words.In the play ‘The Tempest’, the main character is a man called Prospero, Prospero, at the beginning of the play, is portrayed as the Duke of Milan. Prospero and his daughter, Miranda was thrown off the island of Milan to die in the oceans by his evil brother Antonio and the King of Milan Alonso. Prospero and his daughter landed on a magical island were they found a magical staff, magic books and a spirit called Ariel. With these books and the staff, prospero enslaves Ariel to serve him and Miranda until he leaves the island. Prospero also he meets a monster like person called Caliban Prospero enslaves him to serve him and never disobey, the only thing stopping Prospero from enslaving him is Caliban’s mother Sycorax. The result of he standing up for her son and protecting him cost her life and Prospero killed her. Prospero doesn’t like Caliban because he is different, but what is the difference between them both? The difference between Caliban and prospero is that Caliban acts differently to other people; he looks different and he talks different so Prospero treats him differently to others. Near the end of the play Alonso, Antonio, Ferdinand (the kings son), jester and butler become shipped wrecked by Prospero casting the elements upon them. They land on Prospero’s magical island where Prospero has been waiting of them. When they all eventually find Prospero they all beg for forgiveness, Prospero forgives them all and they all go back to Milan, where Prospero gets back his dukedom. While Prospero is leaving he makes Caliban stay on the island all on his own and lets Ariel free.When someone reads ‘The Tempest’ they start to realise that Prospero is not a simple character. We start to realise that he has a lot of good characteristics and a lot of bad characteristics; we know this because it says:’Your tale sir would cure deafness'(Act 1, Scene 2)These words were spoken by Miranda on behalf of Prospero, she was trying to say how badly people have treated Prospero, this shows us that Prospero isn’t a bad man at all times, it also says:’Let me not, since I have my dukedom got pardon’d the deceiver, dwell in this bare island by your spell; but release me from your bands with the help of your good hands'(Epilogue)This shows us that Prospero isn’t a bad man all the time, this quotation shows me that Prospero wants to get of the island and he is pleased that he has got his dukedom back.When we look at the different characteristics for Prospero’s bad side we find that he can become a very evil person, as we can see from the quotations below:’Do not torment me'(Act 2, Scene 2, Line 57)’The spirit torments me-o'(Act 2, Scene 2, Line 65)’Do not torment me, prithee; I’ll bring my wood home faster'(Act 2, Scene 2, Line 73-74)These words were spoken by Caliban to show the reader how he has being treated by Prospero and the Spirits (Ariel) on the island. These quotation shows us that Prospero can be a very evil minded person to others that aren’t like him, Caliban looks different and acts different so Prospero doesn’t class him as a human, he classes him to be a monster. Prospero is very cruel towards Caliban and we know this because it says:’Hag-seed, hence! Fetch us in fuel; and be quick, thou malice? If thou neglects or dos unwillingly, what I command, I’ll rack thee with old clamps, fill all thy bones with aches, make thee roar that beasts shall tremble at thy din'(Act 1, Scene 2)When I look at this quotation we can see that Prospero has hardly any moral thoughts for Caliban and his actions (he just classes Caliban as a monster). Through this Shakespeare is trying to show us what society thought of people who acted differently or who looked differently to themselves. Caliban in the play represents the Native Americans and Prospero is represented as the explorers. In those times the world was split into two classes. The white people and the black Native Americans. When explorers saw Native Americans they were amazed and astounded because they had not seen these types of people before. So I think that what Shakespeare was trying to do was to draw our own views and our own interpretations of whether or not Prospero was right or wrong. In my eyes he has no moral thoughts but you make that decision. These quotations also back up the original aspect that Prospero has a lot of characteristics either good or bad.When you read the play you start to see that Prospero can be a very caring person towards people especially his daughter Miranda, he does every thing in his power to keeps her out of harms way, we know this because it says:’Fair encounter of two most rare affections! Heavens rain grace on that which breeds between ’em'(Act 3, Scene 1, Line 74-76)Prospero speaks these words about Miranda and Ferdinand when they met, he did this because, he knew that Ferdinand would treat her right but wanted to see how much Ferdinand loved Miranda, if he stayed with Miranda after a certain length of time he would allow them to be together but he would have to prove his love. I think that the true meaning of this was that Prospero wanted the heavens to open and every one to know that Miranda and Ferdinand are together.When Antonio, Alonso, the jester and butler find Prospero they all begged for forgiveness, we know that Prospero forgave them because he talks about his dukedom and that he wants to be set free from this island, we know this because it says:’Now my charms are all o’erthrown and what strength I have’s mine own.Which is most faint; now, ’tis true. I must be here confirmed by you'(Epilogue)’Let me not, since I have my dukedom got pardon’d the deceiver, dwell in this bare island by your spell'(Epilogue)This quotation shows us the reader that Prospero doesn’t want to stay here and that he wants to go home and go back to his luxuries. The main character Prospero spoke this quotation. Through this quotation he was forgiving Alonso, Tricuio, Antonio and Stephano for the things that they had done to him and his daughter. Prospero was pleased because he was going to rest out his days as the Duke of Milan.In ‘The Tempest’, Caliban is portrayed to be an ugly monster, but in actual fact he is a man that looks differently to every one else. In the play Caliban acts differently to others. Caliban is a sensitive person but we also know that he can be an evil person as well. We know that he can be a dirty man because it says:’Ay lord; she will become thy bed, I warrant and bring thee farth brave board’


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