During the Industrial Revolution in Europe, almost all countries began to change a lot. Everything was getting more modern. But during this time the struggle for power between the individual countries also began. Every country wanted to establish “world prestige”. All european countries became very strong nationalities and because of this, it is realy difficult to decide, which country the most successful was, seeing that every country have had it’s strength and weaknesses. You can only look at one point of view and say which country was the most dominant for this point of view.I’m going to look mainly at the economical point of view and by looking at this point, Germany was the most dominant for me.After the foundation of the German Empire at the 18th January 1871, industry and enconomy took a fast upswing und developed to a new centre of power in Europe. Because of the new hygienic condition in Europe, the population increased by 60 % at circa 50 mio..At the same time arised big business banks, which put, the for the investment necessary, money long-term at the company’s diposal and supported the formation of big combines and cartells.The coal production increased by 700 per cent and her iron production by 1,150 per cent, to tonnage as twice as large as Britain’s.Wilhelm the 2nd , the emperor of Germany, was very interested in technique and got more understanding for the more and more advancing modernization of the indusrtial society, hence he supported this development. The USA and Germany dominted the new industry, by 1914 Germans had taken over the lead in drugs, plastics, explosiv, anaesthetics and rubber and was the also leading producer of chemicals.The empire was an econimical flourishal country. During 1890 and 1914 a almost uninterrupted boom surpassed industry and enconomie of the this far leading country, England. Apart from the econmical growth, there was a fast upswing of science and research. Before the first world war, almost every third nobelprize for natrual sciences went to Germany. The advance of hygienic and medecin decreased the infant mortality. So that the population increased again at circa 67 mio. inhabitants, with this Germany was in the fourth place among the sovereign states. A new generation grew up with this new industry and therefore could be specialized.However Germany was both one of the most important agricultural countries.Otto Bismarcks ( the Reichskanzler of Germany) opinion of the colonial acquisition was very distanced, nevertheless the most colonies of the German empire was acquired during his period of reign. Among other things Togoland, the Cameroons, Tanganyika and the Pacific Islands in South Africa have been colonized, totally Germany acquired an empire of 1 mio. Square miles and 14 mio. Subjects. After the dismissal of Bismarck the emperor Wilhelm the 2nd carried on with an imparialistical colonial politic and stepped into keen competition with the other great powers. The property of those colonies should serve for the german “world prestige”. The economical profit of the german colonies was exceedingly low.Also the attempt to move the middle and low income class into a financial engagement in the german colonies failed. The german colonies have been insignificant as a “settlement area”.Under the reign of emporor Wilhelm the 2nd the german fleet was extended, which occupation the emperor passionatal practised. The extension of the fleet was another striving for “world prestige”. Likewise the german army was taking a consinderable size, the peacetime army felt never below 400 000 troops. The german army became effeceincy as a byword.ConclusionAltoghether looked, Germany was a economical strong and rich country and was more sucessful with it, than a lot of other countries. “Made in Germany” became an respected “trade-mark” The german army was also very strong and powerful. Because of all the above-mentioned points, I think that Germany was the most economical dominant state in europe, during this period.


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