“Ohhh, Fine!” he stomped of walking away angrily. I started to plait my hair; it’s like my thinking cap, I only concentrate when I plait it – and in a special way too. That’s the weird thing about me, I really don’t know why. I had to start my homework. It’s a big one. I have to write a ‘perfect lie’. it was a weird one. It was confusing; a really horrible, conniving, and evil teacher set it. She is like witch, forget that she is! Well people say that every Friday she goes with all the Witches around the world and they cast spells on who they hate, really hate! Her name is Mrs. Edwards.Anyway, I need to get on with the story. I’m going to start off with, erm, “I came home and there were faces I have never seen before looking at me as if they had a reason to feel sorry for me. They were all huddling up into their own little gossipy groups. I found it weird thus; mum probably enjoyed their company as she hardly gets to meet her friends because she is always running about for us. I’ felt really curios on what’s happening and why people are at my house.Approaching me was my auntie crying her eyes out as If the world had ended. I hurried to see her. I ran into her arms and repeatedly, very worriedly asked Auntie Mary “Aunt, Aunt what is happening, why are you crying?” I squealed out twice. She told us to go inside and take a seat. I was feeling so suspicious, my guts were about to fall out. I was walking step to step toward my house with very weird people gorging at me. I had a million possible things going through my mind, our new house having to be taken away, our shop burnt down, well? Anything? What has happened? We entered our lilac room, everything was lilac, from floor to ceiling, and Aunt Mary pointed to the old, rusty wooden chairs meaning that we were to sit there. I knew something devastating has happened because nothing would come out of her mouth. Her voice box had vanished. I sat down as quick as possible and repeatedly asked”Well what has happened, what?” I screamed”This is going to be very hard for you both to understand and””What, hurry up” as Charles rudely disturbed Aunt”Your parents have been killed in a car accident ” said Aunt Mary as fast as she could.Our mouths both shut and then our voice box’s had vanished. I didn’t know what to say. My mouth struck open and my chest was as stiff as a rock. No part of my body moved, well I couldn’t move, I was way too shocked! I came to a point a few minutes later, this cannot be true and eventually minutes later I was able to talk. Now I know how Aunt Mary felt I think I had a bit of a black out, in fact I did. I woke up and Charles and Aunt were all around me, stroking me. All I could really see was the chair on the side of me upside down, the wardrobe and the fake fruit basket that mum collected every month. Was this true? What Aunt Mary said could it be true? I thought in my confused head”Are they really dead?” Charles burst out of curiosity.All I could think about was our future and who’s going to look after us? How are we going to live?”That’s enough for today I thought, I have written quite a lot. I am proud of myself deeply and truly. The bell had ended anyway so it was just the exact timing. Mrs. Edwards (the witch) had let us out one by one. Everyone is gossiping and talking with their best friends and just looking at me as if I was a bit of dog poop and as if I am lower than they are. I don’t have any friends in school. I didn’t really mix with anyone. I think it’s because they all think I’m a weirdo because I like different things to them, I like different types of Music, a different dress sense and stuff like that. Therefore, I waited for Charles outside his classroom. It was near mine. He took really long coming out, he always does, and it is so annoying. I looked down minding my own business and whilst everyone rushed passed me running excitedly to go home. Finally, he came out and then Charles and I began our boring journey way home. I didn’t really talk to him. He was too busy playing and talking to her, his hamster. He lovers her so much! We both in time got home and there were people looking and staring at me like in my story, my Aunt came running out like in my story, I had a black out like in my story. Everything happened just like what happened in my story. Word for word! My descriptions, the things going through my ,mind, everything!I’m feeling so devastated, extremely furious, shocked, traumatized. I’m feeling absolutely everything. It’s so weird and unusual. I have written the future. I could be a genius. I couldn’t really think about it as I was too shocked about my parents death. If I saw the other car driver that killed my parents, I would kill him too.i guess it qould just be a coincidence.I had no other choice but to do my homework. Mrs.Edwards would give me an un-graded mark for my final coursework. No matter the situation! Even if both my parents were killed! She is so heartless so heartless that, I don’t know. She just didn’t care. So here I go”I couldn’t take it any more. I had nothing else to think about. Meanwhile Charles is hitting his head against the wooden door and I am drenching my pillow out for my parents. Tomorrow is a big day for me, for all of us, the post-mortem. I will finally find out the proper details of the death. I still can’t believe it their gone, they are actually gone, they are out of this world! While I was thinking so deeply I slowly, slowly drifted of to sleep. At about seven forty five, the next morning I hear a big soft, calm hit against the door with aunty saying”Claire, Charles, wake up” with an extreme soft voice.”Cum on now, get up, we need check if it is hundred percent your parents” whispered AuntyI deeply wish it were all a misunderstanding and mum and dad pulled a April fools on us even though it’s December. As I got out of the house, I was not breathing. I was excessively scared on seeing them both terribly hurt, dead. I wouldn’t be able to. I walked down the path with my head down. I wasn’t looking up. I didn’t want to look up. I am depressed. We got in aunts old, rusty Vauxhall and aunt appealed softly”I need to tell you both something very important. I shouldt of have said it but I didn’t want to hurt you all too much at the time but now I have figured that I have to. I lie!. Your parents were murdered and not killed in a car accident””you what, who was it”?! squealed Charles with deep expression on his face for hate of the murderers.”well, it was was ….don’t take this the wrong way, you know that your parents an I have had our ups and downs about the shops and the businesses, so when they won the them I was feeling so aggravated and so annoyed so it was me who murdered them! I’m really sorry and I know I lied and I cheated on you but I had to lie and I’m so sorry I mur”As Charles disturbed her and punched her across her lip”You bitch, I cant believe what you’ve done, you cow”!I pulled Mary’s hair as hard as I could and dragged her along in the car, she pleaded but I didn’t let go until Charles said to leave her and that she is a waste. I slammed the door so hard out of anger that it broke and fell on the floor. I couldn’t bare to look at her. My veins were about to pop out. I didn’t know what to feel! She begged and begged her to come in the house after I slammed the door. I didn’t want to see her repulsive face again. I locked the door and I lay my back on it so hard and cried and cried until I was about to die.We received a phone call from the post mortem officer and we have to be there. I didn’t know what to do. How were we going to live? I thought we had Mary so everything would be all right but with out her its going to be so difficult. I’m only fifteen, only fifteen and I have to look after Charles and look after the whole of the house. What am I going to do? The black taxi arrived that Charles had called for. There was silence throughout the whole of the journey. We were both in our own little worlds, both thinking about out future.We eventually arrived at the mortuary, it looked an old building and quite damaged. I had to face my biggest fear. As soon as I stepped in I smelt a sudden bad odour, but I felt it more because of the way I felt, everything was exaggerated. I walked down the long aisle, which was white and had chairs beside each end. I could feel my heartbeat faster and faster and my whole face turning red. I went in the rooms were the bodies were. There were many but a member of staff had pointed to my parents. To me it was all in slow motion and each blink lasted about a minute. I was standing beside the coffin but both lids were closed. I had received permission to open the coffins. My fingers let out to open it and my veins were popping out. My hands leapt out in very small steps. I was so tensed. My heartbeat was going even more faster. Hundreds of things going through my mind and my body went cold. Goosebumps down my spine and then a sudden shiver. Having to do what I had to do was unreal. I felt as If I want there mentally but physically. I opened the coffin and saw my mother’s body lying there so peacefully but disgustingly hurt. The body looked so long and I wanted to jump on her and hug her so tight. Her beautiful long, silky, blonde hair shone. I then opened my father’s coffin. He too looking to peaceful. He looked as If he were sleeping, not dead. I was provided a chair to sit and I sat in between both of my beloved parents. I said my last goodbyes and shared my memories and feelings. I was only given a minute because I was so emotional. I kissed them both goodbye and it was so relieving. I pushed out my lip and let it touch the face; I put my face beside theirs and said I would always remember this moment.”I do not care now, I think I have written enough and if the witch says it’s not ill just have to serve her wicked punishment. I have other stuff to worry about. I have my future; I have my beloved parents, and my broken family. I could hardly breath, the snot in my nose wouldn’t allow me to, my eyes had gone so small and I couldn’t stand to look up. I was in my own world. I cannot handle this all. It’s too much for me. I ran up stairs falling twice and I saw my brother Charles hitting his head against his wooden door. I thought, isn’t that what I rote within my story, It couldn’t be. This can’t happen again. It’s impossible. As I drenched out my pillow I thought and thought, just like my story. Aunt Mary then said that I have to go to the post mortem tomorrow. Everything’s turning out jus like my story! This cant be. I woke up in the morning with Aunt Mary saying softly asking me to wake up. I thought this will all stop now but it didn’t.Everything went as to my story! She did kill my parents. She actually did. I will never ever forgive her for what she has done. I would kill my self before I do. I had to go and see my parents and everything. Everything went to as I wrote. Word for word. This isn’t happening. I prayed to god please turn back time. please! How am I going to live. I’m only fifteen and I have to take care of Charles and the whole of the house. I have to pay bills and everything. how am I going to earn money? The social services are going to take me away. I can’t let this happen! I will fulfil what my parents would have wanted me too. I won’t let me and Charles go to social services.I’m back from the post-mortem. I saw my beloved parents rest in peace. They had the worst death one can have! I can’t believe and I will not accept that, that bitch had killed them. I wont accept it . I wont let her live in peace, never! I was thinking of plans of how to make her live hell. I first thought that I would kill, to taste her own medicine. But no that is too easy. I will make her live hell for about ten years or so and then report her to the police and she can rot in jail. But I guess she would be caught by then. As I was talking and letting my imagination run wild, there were rings from the telephone. Charles ran downstairs to receive it and it was the social services. The evil cow had reported us. They said she was worried but she wasn’t worried for nothing she was just trying to make our lives hell now, but don’t worry I will make life even worse now!”she’s a conniving little..AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” I screamed.Were going to be taken away, there coming now. I can’t take this! I mimed in my head that I can, I can do it, I can do it, o what am I talking. I can’t do it. This is too much for me. I can’t take stress like this. I am already a stress freak as dad says it. That’s it I can’t take it. I’m going to do it! I don’t care. I’m going to be selfish for one big time in my life. Charles will figure out what to do. He’s a clever boy. I’m starting to prepare. I got out my story and a pen. I went to Charles and kissed him goodbye deeply. He kissed me back and I told him I loved him he replied saying the same. I said he’d get through things. So here it goes.”I crept downstairs. I went slowly into the kitchen, I leapt out for the kitchen knife, and I stabbed myself right in the heart. I felt deep pain and then ‘slap’ my body lay dead on the kitchen floor. I was happy and I was with mum and dad. Hopefully Charles will come to and we can be a proper family again”Everything happened just as you guessed. I lay dead on the kitchen floor.


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