I predict that at 45 C the rennet will make the milk clot but at 85 C the milk will not clot because the enzyme rennet will be denatured and therefore no work.EquipmentSafety gogglesLab coats6 test tubes2 test tube racks2 water baths, one at 45 C and the other at 85 C8 cm cubed of rennet8 cm cubed of fresh milk2 pipettes4 thermometers2 stopwatches2 measuring cylindersDiagramMethodGet out all of the equipment listed aboveMeasure out 4 cm cubed of milk and put it in a test tubeRepeat this once more putting the milk in another test tubeMeasure out 4 cm cubed of rennet and put this in a different test tube againRepeat this one more putting the rennet in another test tubeThere should still be 2 clean test tubesHeat the milk in one test tube to 45 c and the milk in the other to 85 C using the waterbathsDo the same with the rennetPour the rennet that is heated to 45 c into the test tube of milk, which is also at 45 CPour the rennet that is heated to 85 C into the test tube of milk, which is also at 85 CReplace these 2 test tubes into the water baths at the correct temperaturesEvery 1-minute look at the test tube and record what you can seeRepeat this all again for reliability.ResultsConclusionIn conclusion my prediction was correct. The milk clots firmly after 8 minutes in the water bath at 45 C but at 85 C it does not clot as the rennet enzyme has been denatured and therefore will not clot the milk. The longer that the milk and rennet was in the 45 c water bath the firmer the clots got. This is because the rennet had a longer period of time to clot the milk. We did not get any anomalous results, which shows that our results are quite accurate. This is shown on the two graphs.EvaluationIf I had chance to perform this experiment again I would repeat the results for reliability, I did not do this because I ran out of time but with more time this would be able to be completed. I also stopped recording the affect of the rennet on the milk after 8 minutes but I should have done this for half an hour as the teacher suggested it.


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