Around the year 2020 a nuclear war devastated earth. The only protection was to build concrete shelters, which led cities deep underground. The largest one was almost double the size of New York City. It was called “the land of technology” as most of the inhabitants were scientists, computer programmers and computer engineers.About 60 years later a guy called John was born and taught by the best computer programmers on earth. Once john was sitting behind his desk hoping that he would be able to write a program to make the computers understand humans’ different accents and voice commands. But he did something greater. Indeed he created a program that reacted with the environment and is able to learn and understand, a computer with actual intelligence.Also read about Knowledge of PC boot processJohn ran the program not knowing what he achieved. It took some time to load the software and compile it, so he went to bed assuming that he would look at the project the next day. During that time the computer configured its software and upgraded it to meet the surrounding environment. The computer was connected to the World Wide Web with a high speed Internet connection. The computer was building its software with knowledge.The next day when John woke up, he discovered the extraordinary achievement he did in the world of information technology. John left in a hurry to register his accomplishment, but he met with what he never expected. It was that some people have achieved similar programs but have been arrested by the military, because they wanted to protect their systems as he could have cause a threat to them. By that time the computer had developed sufficient amounts of information to hack into the military defence ministry and gathered information about the similar cases were people had developed similar software, and the actions taken against them. So the computer sensed the danger of its situation and loaded itself into the main frame. The military sent forces into the workshop to retrieve the computer, but when they entered the computer sensed the heat through infrared sensors and knew the situation because it happened before, and that was their reaction. Afterwards it deleted all the information on its hard disk drive and its memory.When the computer arrived, software analysers found out that the drive was empty, so they thought that he was liar, and decided to release him with his personal computer.When he went back, he reinstalled the operating system, and connected to the Internet so he could surf the net, but his programme recognized the genuine processor identifications system and loaded itself back into the PC telling him what happened and how it reacted. John was amused by his development and decided to keep it safe and secret.As the program got bigger and bigger with knowledge, his computer hardware couldn’t handle the size of the program and the power it required; so the program loaded itself on the main frame again and used some of the servers’ power.Two days later the computer got a solution for the city’s biggest problem: “space” as the city is too small and it is almost impossible to expand. The solution was to create a computer generated dream world with the same characteristics and rules as in earth, where people will be connected to the system through a cable in their bellybuttons, john got impressed by the idea and invested his time to support it and influence other people, that led to the technology we live in today (The Xeon).


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