For the numerical section of our packaging project, I have decided to survey CD covers. Having a broad mind for music a have a variety of music in my collection. My favourite type of music is dance/trance because I like music with a beat which can be danced to in the likes of a night club.PlanningA problem with this selection is what variant to use to classify the CDs, obviously size would not be an ideal choice because there is no variation. One possible unit of measurement is colour, most CD covers use colour to make them more recognisable, appealing or eye-catching to a possible purchaser.Obviously some covers will be better decorated than others and thus will display a whole rainbow of colours, these can be classed as having ‘lots’ of colours. CDs that have more than 4+ colours will be recorded ‘lots’ of colours. I will choose a selection of CDs at random, roughly 20% of my collection (20 CDs).To keep the CD selection fair and random, my mum picked 20 CDs for me to evaluate. Here are the 20 she picked, arranged in alphabetical order…The SelectionArtistTitle1Atomic KittenWhole Again2BarthezzOn The Move3Black OutMr DJ4Daft PunkDigital Love5DamageStill Be Loving You6Daniel BedingfieldGotta Get Thru This7DeleriumInnocente8DidoHear With Me9Heaven’s Cry”Till Tears Do Us Part”10Ian Van DahlWill I11Ian Van DahlCastles In The Sky12LangeDrifting Away13Leann RimesI Need You14Marc Et ClaudeLoving You15Mauro PicottoKomodo16PPKResurection17PushThe Lagacy18ShaggyAngel19WestlifeUptown Girl20X-iteLet Me Love YouResults!!!ArtistTitleNo. of ColoursImageAtomic KittenWhole Again1YBarthezzOn The Move2NBlack OutMr DJLotsYDaft PunkDigital Love2NDamageStill Be Loving You3YDaniel BedingfieldGotta Get Thru This1NDeleriumInnocente1YDidoHear With Me2YHeaven’s Cry”Till Tears Do Us Part”1NIan Van DahlWill ILotsYIan Van DahlCastles In The Sky3YLangeDrifting AwayLotsYLeann RimesI Need You1NMarc Et ClaudeLoving YouLotsYMauro PicottoKomodo3NPPKResurection2NPushThe Lagacy3YShaggyAngel3YWestlifeUptown Girl1NX-iteLet Me Love You1NResults… Round upNo. of ColoursOneTwoThreeLots(Total)Frequency745420Number of Colours on CD CoversFrequency1 2 3 4Number of ColourLooking at the results, they are not totally conclusive. At a glance you see that the largest number of CDs have only one colour. There doesn’t seem to be any sort of pattern for the rest of the table.Results (continued)One trend I did spot related to a link between the number of colours on a CD and the chance of that CD containing an image. You would think that if a cover contained an image that it would contain more colours. Here’s how I came to a conclusion…No. of Colours on a CD123Lots (4+)Frequency7454Fraction of frequency containing image2/71/44/54/4Fraction as a percentage29%25%80%100%Here’s a simple Bar chart showing the information on the table above…100Percent (%)501 Colour 2 Colours 3 Colours 4 ColoursConclusionsThe bar chart above clearly shows that there is a link between the number of colours on a CD and the chance that the CD contains an image – the more colours on the CD, the greater the chance that the CD contains an image. For example, 100% of the CDs containing 4 or more colours had images on them, 80% of CDs with 3 colours on contained images and only 25% of CDs containing 2 colours had images.This is all easy to understand, however I do believe that the results are not totally conclusive, probably a little vague and could be made more accurate. The results could possibly be improved if more CDs were used in the survey or a broader variety of types of music were introduced to get a better overall summary.


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