All of my logos have been designed and made on www.logoyes.comMy first design is simple, yet effective. It has a first aid plus sign with Howard Heath Centre written underneath it. To improve this design, I could have used a different colour contrast to make it stand out.My second design has an image of a heart with a heart rate on it. This logo will help the public to recognise HHC as a health centre because of the image. To improve this logo, I should change the colour of the ‘hhc’.Finally, my third design is also quite simple and effective. The image has two letter ‘h’s’ with a ‘c’ behind it. It also has Howard Health Centre written underneath it.QuestionnaireI interviewed 10 people and here are the questions asked, and the most popular answers given:1. Which logo is your favourite?Design 12. Are the logos suitable for their purpose?Yes3. Are there any improvements that could be made to the logo?Yes4. What colour scheme works well?White and Blue5. What font would look better?The font in design 16. What image would most suit the logo?A medical plus sign7. What shape would you prefer?A plus sign8. Do you prefer the initials of the company or their full name on the logo?Full company name9. Do colourful logos attract you more than plain logos?Yes10. Do you prefer bold logos?YesThe most popular logo was the first design. People preferred this one as it was really bold and it suited its purpose. It was quite simple, yet effective, and was easy to remember.Final LogoThe logo I have chosen to use is:Logo buildWhat software I used AO1AI used www.logoyes.comWhat software I could have used AO1O, AO1LI could have used paint or photo shop.Why I selected the software I did AO1KBecause it was easy to use and the logos were more accurate and professional than they would have been if I used paint.Advantages and disadvantages of software chosen AO1NAdvantages:* It’s quick* It’s easy to use* There are different designs to choose fromDisadvantages:* No instructions on how to use the website* The outcome of the logo does not look professional* You cannot change the background colour, but you end up with grid lines instead.What are the advantages and disadvantages of the alternative software AO1E, AO2DAdvantages for Photo Shop:* Easy to use* Help is there if needed* Very good variety of designs, features* Very good quality finishDisadvantages of Photo Shop:* Quite difficult to use if you don’t know what you are doing* Can be quite slow to load and functionAdvantages of Paint:* Fun to use* Easy to use* It let’s you do what you want* It can be found on any computerDisadvantages of Paint:* Unprofessional outcome* Hard to draw accurately with* Not enough toolsWhat hardware I used AO1B, AO1XSony VAIO laptop2.0 GhzProcessor – x86 Family 6 Model 13 Stepping 8 GenuineIntel ~1729 MhzWhat alternative hardware I could have used AO1DApple Mac pc or laptopAdvantages and disadvantages of alternative Hardware AO1E, AO1V, AO1WAdvantages:* Reliable for a professional logo outcomeDisadvantages:* Can react quite slowly* Doesn’t communicate with other computers* Don’t have PaintAlternative means of outputting logos; benefits ; drawbacks A01YOutputs:Printers – Desk Jet, Ink Jet, Laser Jet, Bubble Jet, Dot MatrixBenefits of using a Desk Jet printer:* Printer and ink are quite cheap* Printing quality is very goodDrawbacks of using a Desk Jet printer:* Pictures can print out blurry and not to a good standard if they are enlarged too muchBenefits of using a Laser Jet printer:* Excellent quality printing* Very fast* Easy to useDrawbacks of using a Laser Jet printer:* Ink and printer are very expensivePayrollDesign specificationWhat the software does very brieflyExplain what your payroll can doHow it will help the user AO1TExcelExplain the simple functions used in the design of the payroll.The Pay Clerk will use the payroll as an organised and easy way to see how much each person would earn depending on which job they have and how many hours they work etc.It is easy to update the payroll because of all the different formulas used to work out the different wage amounts etc.My data is coming from the Howard Health Centre (HHC) paper records.My data will be inputted by:TypingCopy pasteImport fileI used these methods because copying and pasting information and data is a reliable way of transferring data from one place to another. It’s a really quick and easy to do and can copy and paste large amounts of data which is very useful.Many different types of information are stored in my payroll. This includes Wage, Tax Rates and Posts.This data needs to be stored on the HHD – Hard Disk Drive because this will keep the data safe and it would help to keep it more reliable. It would also be easier to update.If the data wasn’t saved, then it would be a really difficult job to keep track of who gets paid what amount and who plays what part in HHC.My data will be displayed in the form of an excel spreadsheet because it is a clearer way of presenting all the information. It makes everything easier to understand, and it is very easy to change the information or edit parts of data. If you make a mistake, it can be easily fixed on a spreadsheet, whereas if you were to do it manually, it would be so much harder because you would have to keep starting again. This saves time as well as money. Formatting the data in this way is less pressure and hassle because there is no need to worry about loosing certain parts of information because it is all put together in one spreadsheet.Payroll spreadsheet:Data spreadsheet:The calculations performed are:Gross pay – the total amount of money that an employee earns each month, excluding deductions such as taxes, national insurance tax etc.Salary – total amount of money each employee earns each yearIn excel, I used the cell reference: =Data!G2/12Wage – number of hours worked and number of weeks workedthe formula I used in excel was: =Data!E2*Data!F2*Data$!$2Tax – the amount that is taken out of your salary which is given to the government to help provide essential services such as police, fire departments, hospitals, schools etc.Net pay – the amount that an employee would earn at the end of the month after deductions such as tax etcFormulae sheet:It is important that no mistakes are made because if the data is wrong, then an employee may earn more or less money than they are supposed to. If it carried on, then in the long run, people may decide to leave the company because they are not getting paid what they should be, which ma cause employees to resign from their post.The validation methods used in the data handling are:* Mid* Vlookup* Data validation/list/=postsHere are some of the payslips for each of the employees:Howard Health CentreDateNamePositionSMcDonaldDoctorTax CodeMonthly Gross Pay (�)Taxation (�)Net Pay (�)H5,666.671,983.333,683.33Howard Health CentreDateNamePositionSSinghDoctorTax CodeMonthly Gross Pay (�)Taxation (�)Net Pay (�)H5,666.671,983.333,683.33Howard Health CentreDateNamePositionSBrownDoctorTax CodeMonthly Gross Pay (�)Taxation (�)Net Pay (�)H5,666.671,983.333,683.33Howard Health CentreDateNamePositionSSinghLocum DoctorTax CodeMonthly Gross Pay (�)Taxation (�)Net Pay (�)B1,500.00225.001,275.00Howard Health CentreDateNamePositionSTaylorNurseTax CodeMonthly Gross Pay (�)Taxation (�)Net Pay (�)L520.00130.00390.00Howard Health CentreDateNamePositionSChungNurseTax CodeMonthly Gross Pay (�)Taxation (�)Net Pay (�)L520.00130.00390.00Howard Health CentreDateNamePositionSJohnsonSenior AdministratorTax CodeMonthly Gross Pay (�)Taxation (�)Net Pay (�)L1,432.00358.001,074.00Howard Health CentreDateNamePositionJBattersbyDoctors ReceptionistTax CodeMonthly Gross Pay (�)Taxation (�)Net Pay (�)L396.0099.00297.00Howard Health CentreDateNamePositionPAdamsDoctors ReceptionistTax CodeMonthly Gross Pay (�)Taxation (�)Net Pay (�)L396.0099.00297.00Howard Health CentreDateNamePositionHCropperDoctors ReceptionistTax CodeMonthly Gross Pay (�)Taxation (�)Net Pay (�)L237.6059.40178.20Howard Health CentreDateNamePositionSCorbettCall Out DriverTax CodeMonthly Gross Pay (�)Taxation (�)Net Pay (�)L333.6083.40250.20Howard Health CentreDateNamePositionDGrayCall Out DriverTax CodeMonthly Gross Pay (�)Taxation (�)Net Pay (�)L333.6083.40250.20Howard Health CentreDateNamePositionRSatterthwaiteCall Out DriverTax CodeMonthly Gross Pay (�)Taxation (�)Net Pay (�)L333.6083.40250.20Howard Health CentreDateNamePositionPNaharCall Out DriverTax CodeMonthly Gross Pay (�)Taxation (�)Net Pay (�)L264.0066.00198.00Howard Health CentreDateNamePositionSBordoliCall Out DriverTax CodeMonthly Gross Pay (�)Taxation (�)Net Pay (�)L264.0066.00198.00????????1


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