It was a very hot summer day in Deadwood

It was a very hot summer day in Deadwood. Peter Calves was riding his horse proudly. He has shot 19 men, everybody got scared whenever he passed by. Everybody was scared because he went off killing people with no reasons at all and rifling poor bungalows to have fun. He stopped at a bar named “The black horse”. As he came in, everybody turned around and there was complete silence all over the bar.”Morning” Peter said with a very sour voice.Calves didn’t drink water for more than 28 hours and was indeed very thirsty.”A lemonade, please.” He moaned. The waiter quickly gave the lemonade to him and turned around as quickly as possible.”Today, I am going to draw against Sean. I hope you all know who will win and who to bet on.” He announced.Everybody stared at each other nervously and began talking, shouting and whispering at the same time. Calves was completely broke, the bank didn’t give him money. So he decided not to pay. Sean was one of the best shooters in Deadwood, and was very suave. So everybody had decided to bet on him. They say Sean has been shooting people since five years old.Suddenly, the door opened and Sean came in. He looked at Calves smiling.”Ready for today?!” He asked smiling.”Can’t wait to see the 20th tomb lying there beside all the others.” Calves replied laughing.The big draw was going to be at four o’clock, and it was already half past three. Sean put his best costume on, and wiped his face with a cold towel. He was far too nervous. They both came out at the same time. The crowd couldn’t stop staring for even one second.”Come on Sean, you can do it!” Said somebody trying to cheer him up.”1…an iridiscent plume flew by…2…3…”Calves already shot at Sean, and Sean fell down. Nobody could believe what they were seeing. However Sean revived after some seconds, he picked up his gun, and shot back. Calves suprisingly fell down. Sean stood up, took his jacket off, and showed it to everybody. There were holes in the jacket, so the bullet passed through, but did not touch Sean.”Yeah!!!” Everybody cheered and laughed. They put some music on and began dancing and singing. Sean was very proud of himself. He stood up and said:”Thank you!” He sat on his horse complacently and valiantly and went off to his house. He still couldn’t believe what happened, and felt sad for the death of Calves.