In this experiment I plan to do 10 different tests, to discover the effects of huddling. The way I will set up each test is,* Place the test tube(s) on some blue tack (blue tack is used to reduce conduction through the base of the test tube).* If more than 1 test tube is used place an elastic band round them (to reduce the chance of the test falling over)* Fill each test tube with boiling water, placing a thermometer in the centre tube (when water has been added).* When the temperature of this tube drops to 50?c, start timing, and then every two minutes take the temperature, for ten minutes. (Originally I planned to see how long it would take for the temperature to drop from 50?c to room temperature, 23?c, but preliminary work showed this would take far to long).* After I’ve taken all the results, I shall do the exact same test again to get a more accurate and reliable results, after calculating an average result.Making sure I do the exact same, with all ten experiments, I believe this will make a very consistant and reliable experiment. If the experiments go well I predict that the more ‘sheep’ are added the longer it shall take for the temperature to drop, within the ten minutes. I have predicted this because, with one ‘sheep’ the heat will conduct through the sides of it, and heat will be lost. Whereas the more ‘sheep’ that are added the heat will conduct from one ‘sheep’ to another keeping each other warmer.


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