To fully understand the politics and the power struggle between Charles and his political opponents you have to look at a number of matters for example:The look on Divine right. This was a major issue in disputes as the king (Charles) didn’t think parliament saw him as thee divine right king and took it to their own liberty to try and bypass the king’s authorisation. With a matter of issues (Stafford’s impeachment) the king was failing to realise the change in times and the beginning of a republic revolution and that the people wanted their say against matters and that the king was losing his power and influence over the people (as it will be shown in the civil war).But thanks to his advisors advice and the influence his wife also had kept the king on the tracks of ‘he was the chosen one for it was his divine right to be the king of England’ so the advisors and his wife was partly to blame for disputes over divine right but at this time Charles was failing to understand that he didn’t have that much influence any more.(As previously stated) The reason for his wife interrupting the kings mind of power was she was French and at this time her brother the king of France was in a country of where what he says goes and no one was to disobey him so as she was his wife she possibly had one of the biggest influences over her husband the king.Another was how his advisors mainly used the king as their own puppet what had a massive amount of power ‘Charles was the perfect puppet for a bad advisor’ examples of this was how laud used the power given to him by the king to put in massive unpopular moves in religion (book of sports ect..)As told by many historians Charles had very inconsistent behaviour this proves to show that he wanted to patch together his disputes with parliament but at the same time trying to gain control of the arsenal’s around the country so from this you can read between the lines that Charles was accepting advice and as stated all ready acting as a puppet for his advisorsPym was the main opposer to Charles and his advisors he had been the driving force behind parliamentary opposition to the king since the short parliament of 1640 he had been the main man to set up the winning clockworks to win the war and also was a true leader in parliament who held dividing sides of parliament together this was a pain to the king as he wanted a divide in parliament to use it as a way to cause unrest and a reason to close another session of parliament.The dispute what occurred over and over again was the way parliament was beginning to take away the kings power every so often through out its sessions so this caused disputes and sometimes divides over the thought of divine right and the king’s powerThere are many events what happened from 1640-42 the matters what were most important through these times were: the anti-court consensus, the fall of Strafford & his execution, Pym’s control, Bedford’s death, the ten propositions, the grand remonstrance, the 5 members coup, militia made to be prepared to fight, the 19 propositions, then soon after Charles declared war upon parliamentYou could say Pym made the king push towards the final act of civil war by manipulating the king by the pressure he put on him e.g. Strafford’s impeachment, his control over the House of Commons and finally the ten propositions so to a matter of opinion and to some knowledge an facts Pym was a cause for civil war due to his provoking of matters this shows such importance In the power struggle and also in politics as this was the cause of such feuded between the king and parliamentSo from within this essay I have shown to as much as I can possible shown the importance between politics and a power struggle in the disputes between King Charles the 1st and his parliamentarian foes using methods of key issues and facts I know of to create this essay to put the matter of king Charles personal and parliament issues and in such a dispute causing the civil war to occur.Daniel whites essay on the importance of politics and the power struggle in disputes between Charles the 1st and his opponents (parliament) in the years of 1640-1642 in the current state of the English civil war showing how important politics was towards the start and finish of the English civil wars through the reign of Charles


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