Entrepreneurship business plan

1.0 Introduction

WIIM Company have choose to be in the industry of organic chicken and eggs because, we do realise that people nowadays are very conscious on their eating habits. The company is devoted to fulfil the needs and wants of today’s population especially the growing Muslim population in the world by providing Halal and high quality organic chicken and eggs. Tanjung Manis Halal Hub, Sarawak is the location where WIIM Company business activities are run.

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2.0 Entrepreneur

2.1 Characteristic of Entrepreneurs

There are few common characteristic that are associated with entrepreneurs such as an eye for opportunities, hard work, optimise, discipline, innovator and etc. As to become a successful entrepreneur I do believe that one should do the things that they enjoy to do. No matter what we get from our business in term of personal satisfaction, profit from the activities, good brand image, and enjoyment will the total effort that we put into our business. It is important for us to do what we enjoy is because, if we don’t enjoy it the chances of success for us is none.

2.2 Knowing the customer

As an entrepreneur, we do believe that it is very important for us to know the customers, due to the reasons they are the people that we are going to fulfil their needs and wants. Technology nowadays is becoming greater and powerful, we are able to assess anything or any information from our finger tips without any limits at all time. However, at certain extent customers are starting to fell seek and tired of getting the information from computer or calling up to a department which most of the time will be end up with voice mail. Even though that our company do offers online services, me and my team we do believe that by calling and answering the phone call will help us to get to know customers and provide personal attention which will indirectly the customers will repeat purchase from us. Based on research that has been done, about 80 percent of business comes from a repeat customers rather than new customers. Therefore it is very important for us to maintain a long term relationship with customers as to make they feel appreciated and at the same time we still keep the modern high technology ways to communicate with customers.

2.3 Teamwork

Working as team does not reflect on the incapability of one to perform his or her task effectively and efficiently. For me and my group, we do believe that teamwork is important in workplace due to different people have different skill and we have to come together in a group as to complete a task that might have different standpoint. Working as a team helps us to ensure that the completion of work is thorough.

Other than that, working as a team does help in lighten the burden of work and helps to a very great extent in reducing the stress level of the group members. Teamwork make two ways communication as a must, continuous interaction between group members increase the quality of interpersonal relationship and the productivity of the company. Last but not least by implementing team work, the group members benefits on the advantage of learning new things in a short time because one who expertise in a certain department will help the other in understanding the issues that related to his or her expertise in no time and able to come out with a creative solution due to shares of ideas.

2.4 Innovation

According to Shunkla, (2009), Innovation is the exploiting new ideas on leading to the new product creation, service or even process that involved.

Lots of studies have been made on innovation, and it has been prove that 90 percent of businesses believe that innovation is their main concern. This is because in today economic situation, innovation has become the major factor that will influence the company strategic plan. Efficiency is well known as essential for business success, but in a long term it can sustain the growth of business and we have found out that innovation able to leads to wealth creation.

Planned and measurement of combination idea leads to an innovation result in new business ideas and technological transformation. Being creative and practice of thinking out of the box makes our company product and service innovation a success and the innovation of product will be go through rigious commercialize stage and into the marketplace.

3.0 Entrepreneurial Perspective

Discovering entrepreneurship help me to look deeper into the world of business and on how to become a success. In our group we do practice team work, creative and critical thinking, self confidence and optimise and seeking feedback from the customers as for future development

3.1 Group Dilemma

3.1.1 Discipline

A successful entrepreneur should oppose the temptation to do unimportant or the easiest but they should think through to what is the most crucial. The problem that I as a group leader face is that one of the group members did not have high discipline in his self, the group member do always skips meetings and at time when he came, he will be late. Thought the rest of the group member able to cover him, while he is not around, but then it is not a good practice to do. Discipline is the most important element that one should have in becoming a successful entrepreneur because if one can’t manage themselves it shows that one they are will face problems when it come to business.

3.1.2 Language Barrier

As our group is a mixed of international and local students, there are existence of language barrier . Two out of five members do have the problems in understanding what are the other group member is trying to explain and at the end they will receive the wrong information. Incorrect information may lead to failure of business because the group member will come out with different types of idea or instruction.

4.0 Recommendation

As to overcome the problems that being faced by the group, discussion should be made between group members as to help those who are having problems with language. For the discipline matter, I will try to consult with him and persuade him in changing to a better person. As a group leader I do believe that by showing a good set of example anyone will be likely to act like you.

For future enhancement, I would like the group members to go for training as it can help us in motivating, built up the spirit and at the same time being more discipline as we need to manage our time well.

5.0 Conclusion

Entrepreneurs are driven by the intense commitment and willingness to work very hard in achieving what they are looking forward. They must be very optimists who see things in a very positive way. There are lots of common characteristics associated with entrepreneurs that will lead them into success such as resourceful, innovator, leader etc. Entrepreneurs should also need to be very sensitive and alert on any changes as to avoid being left out and able to create new competitive advantage for the company.