The majority of the public did not want to get involved in the English Civil War in 1642. The main factor, which divided the people over and above any other factor, was religion. There were two divisions, those who supported Parliament. These followers consisted of those who sympathized the Church Puritans wanted. The other division consisted of those who preferred the kind of Church Laud had created in order to gain the Kings support. Most ordinary people had tried not to get involved and stay neutral.

If an army came there towards them whatever side it was the villagers obeyed the army and did whatever was ordered till they had gone away. However there was some unfortunate ordinary people who did not have a chance to decide who they wanted to support, this was because if their Landlord supported someone strongly he would then force his tenant to support them as well, however much they obliged. Even the posh gentlemen were drawn into supporting a side the ways they decide were.

To go either with the side they believe was the strongest, and would win or some of the gentlemen would think long and hard for the team they would support. These decisions broke up many relationships in and out of the family. An example of one of millions of families this had happened to is the Verny family. The father, Sir Edmond decide to support the King while the son had decide to support the Parliament his name was Sir Ralph. Below is what Sir Edmond had said to a friend: “For my part I do not like the quarrel, and do heartily wish that the King would consent to what they desire…

I have served him for thirty years and will not do so base a thing as to desert him… I have no liking for the Bishops, for whom this quarrel is being fought. ” After reading what the father had said to his friend I believe that he thought that he knew what he was making the perfect decision by standing by the person who he has worked for, for thirty years and was not willing to betray the King for his son’s benefit. This shows that if the war can split up a relationship as big as father and son what will it do to any other relationship.

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This war may not of been the biggest of wars however due to, it being a Civil War it means that people end up killing their own flesh and blood, and this fact alone, I think makes it as devastating as any other war in the worlds history. The Affects of the Civil War The affects of this war turned out to huge. The number of casualties which followed were worryingly high, a total of 185,538 people died. 84,738 people of the 185,538 deaths were caused in direct death from combat a further 100,00 died due to indirect deaths (i. e. diseases).

Further more deaths were due to Bishop’s wars and accidents this made the total rise by another 800 deaths. The English Civil caused a decrease in the population by 3. 6%, by comparison to the First World War which was 2. 6% and the second which was 0. 6% the percentage is very high. This was because the country was fighting against itself this would then mean that more English would die because two armies fighting and getting killed are both English. The war also had an affect on the way England had fought in all the wars since. This was because of many new gunpowder weapons used, those weapons were muskets and cannons.

Since then the weapons have become smaller and much more powerful. Another affect the war had on was the power of Parliament. The power of Parliament grew phenomenally they tried Charles and won the trail, England had been declared a commonwealth. Before the events above took place lots of new acts were implemented. One example of an act introduced was that Parliament could not dissolve without it’s own content. However their strength grew without the House of Lords, which was abolished on the 6th February 1649 this historic event took place a day before the Monarchy was abolished.

The two abolishments of the Monarchy and the House of Lords showed the confidence of Parliament. Later on as parliament ruled, the abolishment of the Church of England had taken place. Many of the religious bishops were either imprisoned or exiled. The possessions of the bishops and the Catherdral Churches were sold off. The war also had an affect on many individuals two examples of the people it had an affect on are Oliver Cromwell and Charles 1. The impact it had on the status of Oliver was tremendous. This idea he implemented was put to the test, which many say won the war for Parliament.

Cromwell was an army leader for the Parliamentarians he was in charge of the highly successful New Model Army. Once the army had won, everywhere in England he was known as a hero. Still now in the twentieth century some people still agree he is the greatest army leader of all time. Another example of an individual whose status had changed due to the result of the war was Charles 1. Once he had been defeated he was able to be tried and was then found guilty of causing all the bloodshed and misery that recurred in the Civil War.

A collapse of censorship took place this allowed public discussion in print. This lifted restriction of the public could be looked at as a popularity stunt by parliament. The affect on trade was also big, as war disrupted trade as markets were cut off. A shortage of money developed when tradesmen and apprentices went to war. However a profit was to be made for the people who made articles for the sides. Overall the affect of the war benefited the Parliamentarians the most due to their importance growing enormously which changed the way England was to be ruled for hundreds years later.


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