harvesting is exchanging the captured little dosage of useful energy that is cultivated
from the space around us and turned to electrical energy that can be put to use.  Capturing the usable energy in the electrical
form can either be accumulated in storage for later use or put to use in the
moment. Where no power grid is present or the option to install solar panels or
wind turbines these can now be used as the primary power source

of solar energy outdoor specifically, no small sources of energy produce large
amounts of energy. Even though, the energy harnessed is enough for some
Implants inside the body sensing by remote and wireless type applications RFID,
and lower segment of the power spectrum type applications. Even if there were
low amounts of energy harvested and not able to power a device, extending the
battery life would still be an option.

harvesting is also known as energy scavenging or micro energy harvesting. Electronic systems of the modern
era solve a lot of difficult.   Systems
that are similar to these all have limitations that are basically the same. The
systems need an electrical power source. 
This challenge is usually upfront for the electronic personnel, the
reason is because of the amount of solutions of power delivery. There are times
where a power source is non-existent and having batteries or wires being ran is
not ideal.  Long-life batteries are
usable for sometime but at some point replacement will be needed.  That would turn into some sort of maintenance

is the point where energy harvesting becomes very useful.  Harvesting allows operations of electronics
to take place in places conventional power sources are absent.  The presence of energy harvesting gets rid of
batteries that need to be replaced or the wires that would have been needed.

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Most of the electronics that utilize low power are ran by
batteries.   The problem with even the long-lasting batters
is they are limited in the time they last and even after some years they will
end up being replaced for the next couple of years. Over time replacing the
batteries will become expensive if you are in specific locations and operate
multiple sensors.  Looking back at Energy
harvesting it offers a way for unlimited lifetime of the low power electronics offering
an unlimited lifetime will eliminate the need for replacing batteries where it
is not needed and could potentially become dangerous.

Most energy harvesting applications are designed to be
self-sustaining, cost-effective, and to require little or no servicing for
many years. In addition, the power is used closest to the source, hence
eliminating transmission losses and long cables. If the energy is enough to
power the device directly, the application or device powered by the energy can
operate batteryless.


Harvesting energy from nonconventional sources in the
environment has received increased interest over the past few years as
designers look for alternative energy sources for low-power applications.

Even though energy harvested is small and in the order of
milliwatts, it can provide enough power for wireless sensors, embedded systems,
and other low-power applications.


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