Enduring love

The passage evolves around a picnic, which is disturbed by an event, in which ‘a shout is heard’. This is significant within the novel as it is the moment where everything changes for the narrator. The event occurs whilst the couple, ‘Clarissa’ and the narrator, are having a picnic. I can see this as they are ‘sitting under a ‘turkey oak’, and she ‘passes him the bottle’. They then ‘heard a man’s shout’, which he ‘was running towards’. Later on we find out that they are all running after a ‘balloon’. The fact that the narrator keeps referring to ‘I’ and ‘we’, it is almost as if he feels the need to talk about his exact actions.

Giving the reader specific details, ‘turkey oak’, he is very observative of his surroundings. The genre of this novel from the beginning seems like a thriller, the way it is building up to discuss an event, ‘this was the pinprick on the time map’. Yet, has elements of romance within him and his wife, ‘the ways our love was different from and superior to any that had ever existed’. It hooks the reader by the series by giving us clues along the way, ‘the beginning is simple to mark’ suggesting though it is easy to understand now it will get harder.

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This keeps the audience waiting and desperate to know more, exactly what is it this man has taken so long to ‘describe’. I would like to state that the reader expectations from this novel are high, ‘I’m holding back delaying information’, as I have motioned above the audience feels something immense is going to happen therefore they are keen to know. The style of the passage, is formal, ‘I don’t recall dropping a corkscrew’, not forgetting to mention very descriptive. The tone, is slow paced, so that the narrator talks about every detail. Not letting the reader miss out on a single piece of information.

There is a high level of vocabulary, words like ‘evoke’ are used, to represent the narrator is literate. It is not just any person going on about what has happened to them, another reason why it keeps the reader interested as they feel a sense of respect towards the narrator. This also shows that the author is quite educated. Imagery is quite central to the novel, it is informing in the way this is used, describing the balloon to be a ‘catastrophe’, ‘a great ball of mozzarella’ practically used everywhere showing the narrator is quite aware of the things round him.

Sentences range from, ‘I ran faster’ to longer ones. Again this represents the writers English skills being able to use a variety of lengths, the example above is short for effect creating a fast pace beginning, adding an element of tension. To conclude I would like to say the passage is quite intriguing and leaves me the urge to find out exactly what happens in this novel that is so significant that, it is the ‘pinprick’. I believe the author is successful in getting his point across and hooking the reader as I, for one am one.