EMPLOYMENT of $14.50 per hour. Payments are subjected


THIS AGREEMENT is dated on 27th
day of January 2018, between Tim Horton and Gurwinder
kaur, of the City of Brampton in the Province of Ontario.

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Employer and Employee wish to enter into the agreement governing term and conditions
of an employment contract.

IN CONSIDERATION of the promise
and other good and valuable consideration it is agreed by and between the

 Terms of Employment

The employment
of employee shall commence a full-time employment on January /27/2018 and
continue for an indefinite term until terminated accordance with provinces of
this agreement.

Job Title and Description

the Employee is required to perform the following duties and undertake the
following responsibilities in a professional manner.  

Other duties as
may arise from time to time and as may be assigned to the employee.

and scheduling staff, ensuring adequate coverage to meet business needs.

trained to assist in any area of operation.

for cash management.

and upholding food safety standard and procedure.


(a)  As full compensation for all services provided
the employee shall be paid at a rate of $14.50 per hour. Payments are
subjected to normal statutory deductions by an employer.

(b) Bonus Calculation
might be included in order to exercise.

 (c) The salary mentioned in paragraph (1) (a)
shall be review on an annual basis.

Employee Benefits

 The employer shall at its expense provide the
employee with health and dental plan pension, and vacation pay that is
currently in place or as may be in place from time to time. You will get finish
details of all advantages designs as a component of your new worker
introduction, and enrolment will take place immediately OR (once you meet the
qualification criteria).


 The Employee shall be entitled to vacation in
the amount of 4 weeks per annum.


Probation Period

To evaluate your
fit inside Company, the initial three (3) months of your employment will
constitute a trial period. In this trial period, Company may fire your work
without cause and without notification ahead of time or pay in lieu of notice.
In the event that this happens, we would have no further commitment to you,
money related or something else

 Duration of contract

The contract is
made on the effect of January 27, 2018 up to January 27, 2020 for two periods of
full-time employment.

Evaluation and
discipline procedure

 The employee must provided written performance
evaluation after 6 months. Performance must be reviewed properly and it should
be assessed and discussed. The procedure of assessment might be as per the

The Employee
might set up a kept in touch with self-evaluation in which she examines her
execution of expressed goals, surveys her abilities in administration of the
Corporation and its workers, and proposes an arrangement of individual
execution targets for the following examination time frame.

Company policies
and reference to employee manual

Tim Horton has
built up a variety of approaches that are agreeable in workplace. Along with
the time of your work with us, you consent to be bound by these strategies and
guidelines, and any future approaches and benchmarks that are sensibly
presented by the Tim Horton. It has concurred that if Tim Horton presents,
revises or erases business related arrangements as conditions warrant that such
presentation, erasure or change does not constitute a breach of this Agreement.


Tim Horton may
fire your work whenever for a cause. After the finish of your trial period, Tim
Horton may fire your work without cause whenever by furnishing you with the
base notice, or pay in lieu of such notice, and any severance pay required by
the Employment Standards Act, 2000 and no more. In this event, a temporary
layoff is required it might be executed as per the necessities of the
Employment Standards Act, 2000.

The employee
agrees to return any property of Tim Horton at the time of termination.

 Recital of management rights

 (a) The Manager wishes to secure its private
exclusive data and guarantee that all representatives consent to keep up the
classification of this data.

(c) Representative
recognizes that Employer wants to ensure his/her work makes an obligation of
trust and secrecy to Employer. Employee consents to be bound by the terms of
this Agreement.

Confidentiality and Ownership
of intellectual property

In light of work as a worker
or engagement as a self employed entity with “Tim Horton” the undersigned “Gurwinder
Kaur” concurs and pledges as takes after:

(i)  Is or winds up clearly open other than through
a breach of this Agreement;

(ii) Is known to the
Participant before the date of this Agreement and as for which the Participant
does not have any commitment of privacy.

(iii) Is required to be
disclosed by law, regardless of whether under a request of a court or
government council or other lawful process, inform the Participant of Tim
Horton of such condition in adequate time to enable the Tim Horton to stay away
from such exposure by the Participant

Entire Agreement

This agreement
contains the whole agreement  between the
parties, superseding in all regards all earlier oral or composed agreement or
understandings relating to the work of the Employee by the Employer and should
be corrected or adjusted just by composed instrument marked by both of the
gatherings hereto.

the employer has caused this contract to be executed as of 27th day
of January, 2018 date signed in presence of:


 Name of Employee

Gurwinder Kaur

 Signature of Employee


 Name of Employee Rep


Simon Charles

 Signature of Employer Rep Title