employees/entrepreneurs find partners for a bigger and more

seek for new solutions and ideas to bust their business. Collaboration is
another great aspect related to the coworking space concept. In this point
Collaboration is important to find partners for a bigger and more challenging
projects. Coworking spaces makes it easier to find partners to conduct more
challenging projects. According to the studies more than 70% of people prefer
to receive information face to face than via emails1.
The last aspect is community. In the digital era people are focusing mostly on
performing selected tasks, human factor slowly becomes the last aspect of
project. The concept of digital nomads will not be completed if we wouldn’t
touch the aspect of community. At the coworking spaces people have an amazing
chance to make friends, so simple and so difficult at the same time. Most of
the small companies use it also as a business networking base for a future
development. It is a fact that people who are working at the same place becomes
less productive, also in many cases those people are diagnosed with depression.
Computer will never substitute human being.

another perspective coworking spaces are the result of technology development
and need to economise money. Technological progress of telecommunication allow
people to work from their houses without full access to the essential
information. Coworking spaces offer low price for a high quality of office
goods like WiFi, reception etc. Economy of scale give a huge advantage to the
coworking spaces which are paying less for internet that a single companies.
Also in most of the cases such a places attract creative and dynamic people
ready to work hard to achieve their goal. Thus coworking space are local
centres for entrepreneurship which generate a lot of profits to the local communities.
We cannot forget that coworking spaces are businesses itself and they are also
consume services and products e.g. WiFi, IT services, catering service and many

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last aspect I related to coworking space which I would like to discuss is sustainability.
We should pay attention that coworking spaces to great extant decrease
pollutions as one services is shared by many customers. Great example is the
WiFi which can be shared by many people at the same time, thus instead of
producing many WiFi routers the company buys only few.