Emily Dickinson a lot of critics have argued
intensively concerning Dickinson’s poem on death and their topics are various,
such as exploring her different themes, observing and speculating on her
religious beliefs. George and Barbara Perkins praised Dickinson that:

remains incomparable because her originality sets her apart from all others,
but her poems shed the unmistakable light of greatness”. Her poem on death
stands remarkable in the American history.

Some critics paid attention to Dickinson’s
use of language skills and writing style. Emily Dickinson has a unique
technique than any other writer.  Her writing is ordinary but intellectual
in the same way.  Her approaches have been known to be a little
confusing to readers because of her bizarre usage in grammar, words, and rhymes
(Melani).  Her rhythm makes reading her poetry fairly less complicated
because she usually goes to widely known hymns (Melani).  Emily Dickinson
takes poetry to a whole at different level as many experts say, but once you do
get to understand her poetry; you may find great meaning in them.

 She demonstrates a few grammar inessential, but overall, Emily
Dickinson did not have the best grammar.  She never used commas or many
other punctuation marks. Sometimes you do not know what her pronouns are
referring to (Melani). she is seen not to have very good grammar but this is
also the reason why many experts find her poetry so interesting a puzzle or

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Opposite to her
grammar, her words and rhyming are too intellectual.  She used to
read the 1994 edition of Webster Dictionary, where she got many of her phrases.
(Melani).  The only problem with that is some of those words might
not be so modern.  Also, living alone gave her a habit to make up her
personal meanings to phrases, making it more mind teasing for readers.

Her rhyming technique might not be what you would in the beginning see as
an ordinary rhyme, and would not have even been considered a rhyme again in her
time (Melani). But now, we have all forms of rhymes, like imperfect rhymes and
suspended rhymes, which Emily Dickinson used all the time.  You may
say that she actually invented some of the unique types of rhyming.

The only one thing that makes Emily Dickinson’s writing fair would be her
use of song and rhythm.  She made many of her poems go to songs like
Yankee Doodle or Amazing Grace (Melani).  That is the only factor
that is commonly difficult to find out in a poem. How the poem is assume to
sound, but Emily Dickinson makes that component easy.

 In the
end, she creates her poems with a great sense of mystery, but also easy
too.  Dickinson makes it simple in her rhythm, at the same time
interesting in the word usage and grammar.  Whether on purpose or not,
who knows? Eventually she creates this notable great masterpiece with a
beautiful message behind it.  Emily Dickinson has inspired many
people, including her bizarre influence in rhyming, and has become an idol to
her readers.


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