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Emergencyrespond team is a group of people who prepare for and respond to any emergencyincident, whatever kind of disaster is such as a natural disaster or aninterruption of business operations. In public service organizations as well asin organizations, emergency respond team are common. This team are already builtbefore an incident occurs to make sure that if any disaster strikes this teamwill help to cooperate, although under certain circumstances the team may be anad hoc group of willing volunteers and any people can join to be volunteer.Emergency response team members ideally are trained and prepared to fulfill theroles required by the specific situation (for example, to serve as incident commander inthe event of a large-scale public emergency). As the size of an incident grows,and as more resources are drawn into the event, the command of the situationmay shift through several phases.

In a small-scale event, usually only avolunteer or ad hoc team may respond. In events, both large and small, bothspecific member and ad hoc teams may work jointly in a unified command system. Individual team members can be trained in various aspects of theresponse, be it medical assistance/first aid, hazardous materials spills, hostage situations, information systems attacks ordisaster relief. Ideally the team has already defined a protocol or set ofactions to perform to mitigate the negative effects of the incident.

Emergency Committee should establish a team or teams of volunteer stafffrom each section of the agency to take part in salvaging records afteridentifying the threat. All response team members must be accessible bytelephone for after hours call-out. Each team must have a leader and deputy. Ina group, one teams  should have no morethan six to eight members and include management, technical, administrative andoperational staff. Teams will need to be trained in response and recoverytechniques and have good knowledge of preventive measures. Teams will need tomeet at least once a year and be informed of changes in the DisasterPreparedness Plan.



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