Rachel Boreo Literary Analysis In poetry, writers often feel or think with a purpose. In the poem, Ella in a Square Apron, Along Highway 80, written by Judy Grahn, there are significant words she uses in order to enhance the personification between women and animals. Along with the poem titled Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers, by Adrienne Rich, imagery is taken into consideration when reading into her representations of the feministic personality.

Equally, these two poems relate feministic characteristics to those of animals through use of imagery while both are portraying women to reflect the skin of their concealed feelings. Throughout Grahn’s poem, feminine characterization is portrayed through her constant connection and linkage to those similar actions of a broken down mother, and a common rattlesnake. Grahn introduces such word play with an exclamation that “She’s a copperhead waitress, tired and sharp-worded”/ (line one) in order to give the reader the fairly elaborate picture of Ella.

Grahn familiarizes the reader with the looks of Ella being a tough, proud, fierce, redheaded waitress, who would do anything to protect her young; much like a rattlesnake would, therefore, introducing the idea that the common woman is much like a rattlesnake. Grahn uses a great deal of imagery words to attempt to persuade the reader that everyday women are as tough and aggressive as a rattlesnake in such that “She keeps her mind the way men keep a knife” (line seven) implying that the common worn out woman is still as sharp as can be and demands the respect she may not continuously get.

For the reason being that neither women have the satisfactory lives they wish for, they portray their wants and feelings onto the animal they feel fits them best. Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers is written in iambic pentameter, therefore enhancing the effect and her feelings. In the poem, Rich makes Aunt Jennifer out as a meek, fearful, woman who is embroidering these beautiful tigers whom she wishes to be more like. In Aunt Jennifer’s marriage, she feels entrapped with the burden of her husband and his control over her.

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Jennifer then wishes to be like the tigers after she realizes “They do not fear the men beneath the tree” (Rich line three), and Aunt Jennifer is tired of being less worthy than her husband. Jennifer, like the tigers, only wanted to be seen as equal. Aunt Jennifer sees herself as a dull, timid, and week woman, however, throughout her embroidery, she then sees herself as the tigers being a magnificent creature, standing out amongst the crowd “Bright topaz denizens of a world of green” (line two).

Aunt Jennifer’s escape from her unfulfilling life is her embroidering, releasing all that she feels inside. Transforming her from a modest, lonesome, wary, individual to a fierce, proud, and unafraid feministic woman. Ella is personified as a striking rattlesnake. She is proud, fearless, and the “everyday” common woman. Both of these writers do a profound job at listing the personification from women to animals, while imagery is taken into consideration when reading into their representations of the feministic personality.


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