Electronic management
plan refers to plans used to develop documents used by organization owners to
manage their electronic components. For any electronic organization to survive
in the market, it needs to have a well implemented and documented management plan
(Weisinger, 2016). 
The plan owner must review the document regularly to have a clear
understanding of the design, materials, qualification methods, capabilities,
configuration control, identify potential risks, and mitigate the risks if
possible (EIASTD, n.d.).

Purpose and importance of an
Electronics Management Plan

Electronic management
plan ensures the documents are properly filled in a dependable manner. In
addition, this is very important since the organization can be able to retrieve
required information in the shortest time possible.

Most of the well-known
electronic organizations in the whole world either because of their high
quality electronic products e.g. mobile phones, computers, fridge etc. has
record management systems that helps them to protect their data from disasters
hence giving them strong protective mechanism against risks. Any electronic
company that adheres to its management plan will always be secure from risks
which is an added advantage over its competitors.

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Electronic management
plan helps the organization classify its document as records, and each document
is assigned a retention period after which it will be used to store another
record. This is done according to the business classification scheme.



description of the organization where the Electronics Management Plan will be

Samsung Electronics
Company is a Korea-based company that was created in the year 1969 as a
division of the mammoth Korean chaebol Samsung Group (Electronics, 2017). Its headquarters
are located in Yeongtong District in South Korea and its currently managing 200
subsidiaries with about 308 million employees. It mainly specialized in
manufacturing and distribution of electronic products including mobile phones,
computers, fridges etc. It operates its business via three segments i.e.
Consumer electronics (CE) segment, Information Technology and Mobile
Communications (IM) segment, and Device Solutions (DS) segment (Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (005930.KS),

electronics (CE) segment: this segment is mainly involved in
manufacturing of color Televisions (TVs), printers, refrigerators, monitors,
air conditioners, laundry machines and others.

Technology and Mobile Communications (IM) segment: this
is a Samsung’s electronic company segment involved in manufacturing of handhold
phones, digital cameras, computers, network systems and others.

Solutions (DS) Segment: this is the third and final segment
in Samsung Electronics Co. involved in manufacturing of semiconductor and
display parts such as Dynamic Random Access Memories (DRAMs), thin film
transistor-liquid crystal displays (TFT-LCDs), flashes and others. The company
distributes the products within the overseas and domestic markets.

of investigation that the organization is conducting

The company is currently
conducting an investigation about its product quality.  One of its product, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 did
not only bring the company a big loss but also reduced its good reputation
after its battery fired and made the device to explode. Though the company’s
president claims to have come with the solutions, the company is still
investigating its manufacturing problem that caused the battery to overheat (Swider, 2017).

types of media that could be involved in the case

Batteries sourced from
Samsung SDI: they found out that these batteries had no enough room between the
heated protective pouch seal around the battery and its internal components.
This resulted to crimping and weakening of the electrodes inside the battery
and finally cause short circuiting (Moynihan, 2017).

Batteries sourced form
Amperex Technology Limited: the investigation showed that some insulation tapes
and batteries had sharp protrusions were missing inside the battery cell. This
led to the damage of the separator between the cathode and anode. In additions,
this risk was catalyzed by the thin separators which were vulnerable to damage
and short circuiting.

architecture of seized media depending on the use or industry

An architecture
refers to both the process and product planning. They includes animated
architecture, spatial media architecture, money architecture, participatory
architecture, and trends and prototypes architecture (Media Architecture, 2014).


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