Electricity is
all around us. We use electricity to light up our homes, schools, hospitals,
factories, and all places where a man works. We use electricity every minute of
every day. Because the demand of electricity in the country is gradually
increasing, the energy reserves and generating plants couldn’t fully satisfy
the needs of the consumers. This leads to power shortage, which is a major
problem in the electric industry. To overcome this problem, alternative sources
of energy are used to supply electricity, one of which is sunlight.

Solar energy is
a radiant light and heat that is produced by the sun. One way to produce
electricity from solar energy is using the photovoltaic cell. A photovoltaic
cell is a device used to convert the energy of light directly into electricity.
These photovoltaic cells are the building blocks of photovoltaic modules, known
as the solar panels. Solar panels are effective when it faces perpendicularly
to the rays of the sun.  Common
applications of these solar panels are solar powered cars, toys, calculators,
roadside telephone call boxes, residential lighting and solar powered streetlights,
which is the primary subject of this topic.

Solar powered
streetlights provide a high quality, sustainable lighting solution for people
especially in areas who don’t have access to the conventional electricity grid.
During the day, the solar panel converts solar energy into electrical energy that
is stored in a battery. When the night falls, the battery discharges, releasing
enough power  to light a road. Since the
solar powered lights do not consume any conventional energy, its carbon
emissions during use are zero.

In 2015, an
economic feasibility study of solar powered streetlight s was conducted by the
students of the Department of Telecommunication and Electronic Engineering in
Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science & Technology University, Dinajpur,
Bangladesh. The study focuses on energy efficiency with the replacement of
existing street lights with solar power as the source of energy. The study
proposed to replace lighting of city roads in Bangladesh with this more efficient
light source and solar PV modules for energy generation.

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This topic is
about creating a cost effective and cost efficient solar powered LED street
lights. The solar powered street lights’ charging rate will be considered to
determine the amount of charge the panel can accumulate in 12 hours.  This will not only help the government lessen
the expenses of the city for the electricity consumption, it will also improve
the attractiveness of a street without compromising the lumen output of the


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