In the past people depended on crude methods to provide energy, in the past lighting in houses depended on wax candles and kerosene lamps, however the discovery of electricity changed all this and led to the invention of electric bulb lighting. Other changes are evident in the use of resources as sources of power, in the past many industries depended on coal energy to undertake various functions such as heating but in the present this has changed to extensive electricity use all over the world.

After electricity was discovered, many people came up with different ways of using it in various applications in the society. Many have also people have benefited in running out their daily activities thus improving their living standards, others have seen like it is a new beginning of their life because they have encountered great changes. Discovery: Electric power was discovered by Michael Faraday in 1938, his discovery has really changed the society in many ways and this led to commercial production of electricity.

In the present days each and every nation has its own power plant, in most countries water dams are used to produce electricity but other use wind power and solar power, recently there has been extensive use of nuclear power to produce electricity which is very reliable despite the risks involved in the production and also the lack of proper disposal of waste. Electricity and society:

Electricity power is used in running of machines in industries, many machines depends on electricity for them to function effectively in their operations. Electricity power speeds up processing activities in many industries which produce various products in the society. As a result electricity increased the rate of production in the society and also reduced the production costs of various products; therefore the final price of products reduced and therefore improved the living standards of individuals in the society.

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Electricity is widely used in offices in various ways such as in communication process, many office machines used rely on the electric power in their functions. Also ,some of the equipments used depends on electricity to function as required ,all this results to proper management and a well organized offices . Communication networks were also made possible by the discovery of electricity, today all communication modes depend on electricity and for this reason the society has experienced change in terms of advanced communication networks.

Electricity power is used in provision of lights in homes and towns , Electricity lights is more preferred by people because it it is more brighter and convenient compared to other sources of light, in the past people depended on fuel lamps and wax candles as source of light which led to environmental degradation due to increased pollution, electricity discovery therefore reduced the side effects of use of the other sources of light and also provided convenient and brought lighting in the society making it possible to perform various tasks during the night which previously would not have been possible.

Electricity power is used as a source of heat for cooking, electricity cooking is more continents and efficient than any other source of heat for cooking, also the other sources of energy not environmental friendly but in the case of electricity energy it is usually non pollutant and therefore preferred than any other source of energy, the cooking process therefore was made easier and faster by the discovery of electricity. This greatly brought in some changes to the society‘s way of life because many people are now saving other sources of heat energy which have a negative effects on environment.

Many sectors like that of welding mainly depends on electricity power to complete tasks, This brought greatly positive change in the society because people could weld faster and effectively, joining metals was made possible and therefore many tools are made today by welding industries increase the effectiveness of performing various tasks, this resulted to the production of new and high quality products and equipments and therefore improving standard of living.

Electricity is also used extensively used in hospitals, following the discovery of electricity many life supporting machines used in hospitals have been discovered and therefore helped improve the health of the people in the society. Other uses in hospitals and health organization include the increased improvement in technology that helps research on various illnesses and therefore improve the health of the individuals in the society through discovery of medicinal cure.

In the past refrigeration and processing of food in order to preserve was not possible, methods used to preserve include drying and smoking of food such as meet in order to preserve, today following the discovery of electricity food can be processed and preserved or simply placed under refrigeration, this has greatly changed the society’s ways of life. Refrigeration has also helped in the transportation of fresh fruits and vegetables, other flowers are transported from one place to another without wilting due to the availability of electricity supported equipments such as refrigerators.

Electricity has greatly changed the society both socially and comically, There are many benefits which are currently being enjoyed by the society due to this discovery, There has been an increase in the rate of production due to this discovery, there has also been improvements in the communication networks which enable beater business environment and therefore more productive economies in the world. The cost of living has greatly been reduced, more people in the society can purchase goods at lower prices than before, products and goods in the society are now more affordable due to the cheap production costs associated with these products.

Electricity has enabled the expansion of many industries and businesses and therefore improved the economic performance and production of many nations. Most house hold equipments such as radios and television were discovered after the discovery of electricity, this has enabled the transfer of information quickly from one place to another, entertainments has also been made cheaper and easier at homes due to existing electric equipments designed to provide desired pleasure.

Life has become more comfortable with the discovery of electricity due to the discovery of equipments that serve various services, example in the past every house hold had to undertake cleaning by hand but electricity has changed all this with the discovery of laundry machines and vacuum cleaners. Work has been made easier, in the past irrigation depended on the use of animals and human power but today water pumps enable the pumping of water into homesteads and also to irrigation areas, as a result the production of food crops and the performance of domesticity shores have been made easier and faster by the discovery of electricity.

More jobs opportunity have been created in various field such as in the electric power companies in managements sectors and power transmission systems while others have been employed in industries that use electricity in their operational systems. On the other hand electricity has some negative impacts on jobs; this is because many people have lost their job as their manual works are now being undertaken by machines that depend on electricity. Electricity power has led to the saving of resources in the environment.

Many forms of energy have now been abandoned for they are no longer in use ,this is because the society is now using electricity in cooking and other activities, this has recued environmental pollution. Compared to other form of energy electricity is cheap and more affordable therefore the cost of living has greatly reduced. More country enjoy economies of scale due to high growth rate of their firms and investments ,These firm produce goods in large quality getting more profits which is a source of income to the government.

The production process uses electricity power; therefore the society is able to sustain itself. Also A country that is more accessible to the electric power will exploit more resources than any other country, the country therefore end up growing economically and changing the living standards of its citizens. Improved Health systems, more hospitals in the society have developed in all sectors after the introduction of electricity…

Doctors are able to perform their work efgectively and efficiently therfore this has improved the medical services in the society. Improved housing systems, hasalso occurred, more homes are secure due to their protections by electricity power, for security areas electric lights and alarm systemsare used in order to provide securitry. Society also uses the lights to perform duty at night, therefore ensuring twenty four hours business activities.

During the cold season, society uses electricity lights to generate heat which increases the temperature in homes. Discussion: In the above discussion we have explored the various advantages and disadvantages of electricity power, it is therefore evident that the society has really changed the society we live in today, changes occur in now and then in every part of the society and when this occur to one part of the society the other parts or some parts must also adjust.

Electricity changed the society and it is still changing the society but in the future we expect that another discovery will be made that is not based on electricity but another form of energy where scientist wild evince another way of tapping the energy. Many and almost all systems today depend on electricity and basing our knowledge on nature we cannot conclude that his was the final discovery; there are many forms of energy as there are many types of plants and animals but we have never discovered them.

In the future the present society will be history and the modes and systems used will be viewed as crude systems as we view coal power as crude form of energy, this way we will be in a position to preserve the environment and also human will live better lives even more conformable lives. Conclusion Electricity is the main object of the society development. It has brought many changes which are beneficial to everybody such as business expansion, reduction in the cost of living, improved infrastructure, improved social systems and improved farming systems.

Therefore electricity is the main catalyst of the society developments. In the past many equipments and machines have been discovered and more are yet to be discovered that will depend on electric power, however after the discovery of electricity not much emphasis have been put to the discovery of electricity substitute, in the future we expect to discover another source of energy that will be better and more beneficial other than electricity, in the past we used coal and now we use electricity in the future we expect to discover another for of energy that we will utilize for more benefits.


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