Egg Drop Protection ProposalAidan GleasonAidan LadenburgDouble APhysics, ACLCJanuary 16, 2018Submitted to—  Daniel FreedmanEgg heavens,  ACLC ContentsExecutive Summary    3Statement of Problem    4Objectives    4Technical Approach    X    Identifying Needs of Customers    X    Identifying Target Specifications    X    Generating Design Concepts    X    Selecting Design Concept    XProject Management    X    Deliverables    X    Budget    X    Communication and Coordination with Sponsor    X    Team Qualifications    XConclusion    XReferences    XAppendix A: Résumés of Team Members    X    Name 1    X    Name 2    X    Name 3    X    Name 4    X Executive Summary             The 2017-2018 class of conceptual physics was faced with a problem. It was up to them to prevent a raw egg from cracking despite falling from 1 meter. Unfortunately, egg stock has recently plummeted and added further restrictions. Now we were only allowed to use about ten different materials, and of course, they were all priced differently. Naturally, our team jumped on the cheapest materials and created a minimalist design. We decided it would be the strongest design, that you could make for such a price.        This flawless design consisted of 6 straws and 8in. of masking tape. The main idea was to divert the force around the egg, rather than right into, and we definitely achieved that. Unfortunately, we failed in another category, rotatability. This design was not made to be dropped upside down, and we believe that all we need to solve this problem is longer straws.Statement of Problem    Mama and Papa chickens everywhere are facing a squakin’ large problem. According to Robert Grillo, the president, and director of free from harm, there are 6,000,000,000 eggs dropped and destroyed every year. That means that even if eggs were only 14 cents a piece (world estimate by Beth Maxey) there would be $840,000,000 wasted of just eggs. Some people would say that we should try to prevent the eggs from falling in the first place, but we believe that human clumsiness is inevitable. The time, energy, and cost of drop prevention would not be efficient enough, therefore the problem we face is how to prevent the eggs from breaking one they have fallen.Design ObjectivesProtect the eggUse cheap partsEfficient handlingThe team here at Double A physics believes that the most effective egg protection device should not only consistently prevent breakage, but be cheap as well. On top of that, the customer should have no problem handling the contraption. We also would hope that our design is easy to test, and we do not have to spend excessive time rebuilding throughout the testing phase.Technical Approach (Aidan L. This will be your part, but if you don’t get to it don’t feel bad.)    This section discusses how you will obtain the objectives presented in the previous section. This plan should follow a logical sequence. One such sequence is given in the subheadings below. Please make sure that you have a transition paragraph between the heading “Technical Approach” and the subheading “Identifying Customer Needs.”  Identifying Customer Needs        After an agreement on the order of our objectives, we decided to inform our customers on the plan to identify any special requests they had for our plan. These partners include EGGxon Mobile, WEGGmart, McdEGGnalds, and gEGGle. To relay the information to and from our parties we set up interviews with our top engineers and their marketing executives to make sure all information is relayed and understood to get a good idea of the customer needs. Accounting for availability differences we had a questionnaire prepared to send (see Figure A-)we., Identifying Target Specifications        Here you would place paragraphs that explain how you targeted the specifications or how you will target the specifications. Adopt the same paragraphing format as discussed in previous sections.Generating Design Concepts    Here you would place paragraphs that explain how you generated the design concepts. Please identify all of your design concepts in this subsection. You might consider placing those concepts into a table with one column giving a short summary of the concept. Adopt the same paragraphing format as discussed in previous sections.  In this subsection, you should probably discuss at least three concepts, giving perhaps a paragraph to each.Selecting Design Concept    Here you would place paragraphs that explain how you selected the design concept. In addition, you should also identify what alternative design concepts you have selected for the project. Adopt the same paragraphing format as discussed in previous sections.Project Management    This section presents the plan for managing the project. This plan should follow a logical sequence. Please make sure that you have a transition paragraph between the heading “Project Management” and the subheading “Deliverables.”  That paragraph should introduce and explain your Gantt chart for the project. An example of such a chart appears in Figure 1. Figure 1: Gantt chart for the project. The solid bars indicate the portions of the tasks that have been accomplished. ( Deliverables    When the customer opens the lime green box that we express ship to their home, they will find two parts; the body, and the band. The body consists of 5 polytube-ultra durable-carbon fiber straws, that are in the pyramid configuration minus one straw. In place of that straw is an outré-stretchy band. It is connected to the two straws that the 6 straw is usually connected between, and it allows for easy egg insertion and even easier egg removability.Budget        Here you would place a paragraph or paragraphs that explain the budget for the project. Include a table such as Table 1. Adopt the same paragraphing format as discussed in previous sections.Table 1: Requested items and funds for initial design. ItemSupplierCatalog No#QuantityUnit PriceTotalVacuum PumpMcMaster CarrIJ-608251$183.47$188.72Flow PumpNorthern ToolCJX-6891$139.99$156.6223/32″ Plywood 4’x8’Lowe’s Hardwarenone1$24.95$24.954″ Ondine RainmakerSmartbargain.com1298081$19.99$37.86Acrylic Tubing 5′ (OD 8″)McMaster Carr8486K6261$236.70$250.95″8″ Flange (13″ OD)McMaster CarrKD-ERW1$44.24$44.24Total$703.34Communication and Coordination with Sponsor    Here you would place paragraphs that explain how you will communicate and coordinate with your sponsor. Adopt the same paragraphing format as discussed in previous sections.Team Qualifications    Here you would place a paragraph that introduces the qualifications for the team and refers to the resumes located in Appendix A. In this section, you should provide a paragraph for each team member. Adopt the same paragraphing format as discussed in previous sections.References 1.   Appendix A: Résumés of Team Members         The following pages present one-page résumés of the team members for this project .


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